Jun 24, 2010

Teddy Bear Picnic

So the early shower passed, and I proceeded to cautiously (there were still threatening clouds, and Hubs kept warning ominously of "THE RADAR"), to set out flowers, tables, linens (which were horribly wrinkled- I ignored this hoping the humidity would smooth them out, like dresses in a bathroom during a hot shower).
 We ate appetizer and had cocktails in the condo.  I frantically made a Jezebel sauce to dump over some cream cheese, as I was running super behind (unlike me- I am blaming spritzers on the porch the previous evening).  It did turn out tasty though- here's a basic recipe, but I added more horseradish. 

While I finished up in the kitchen, an early contingent headed down to the park.
Ipod portable player with extra batteries in hand.
The guys manned the grill- replete with the bacon wrapped pork tenderloins (recipe to follow tomorrow).
Us ladies set out silverware, plates, and the individual squash casseroles.

The ladies (and Brent) sans myself- I was photographer for the night due to an accident involving blackberry chutney and my dress immediately after I had removed my apron.
We sat in the park until after ten, jamming to some Motown, and generally having a big time.  Luckily, I didn't have to get everyone drunk so they wouldn't notice the heat, as the rain cooled things off to a manageable 85 degrees.

However, I did make a delightful beverage- a grown-up Arnold Palmer (which I could not get out of my mouth- much like the word Adirondack, that I simply cannot say properly much to Hubs' delight), so I called it "fun drink".  Adapted from this recipe, mine also included apple juice, an entire bottle of limoncello, and double of everything else.  Oh, and lemon flavored Perrier instead of club soda, and an extra bottle of it at that.  It was dangerously delicious- Limoncello might be my new beverage of choice- what is it exactly?

After it was too dark to see what was in front of us, we headed back to the condo for homemade ice cream sandwiches, which I have been eating leftovers of all week.  Not a bikini bod plan, but very delicious!  Y'all, this is a perfect summertime dessert "recipe"- refrigerated cookie dough (I prefer the organic kind, or Pillsbury "simply", because they taste more homemade), slap some ice cream between two cookies (melt in a little first so it's pliable), sprinkle chocolate jimmies or sprinkles all around the sides, wrap in saran wrap and stick int he freezer.  Gah- these things are too good! I am getting a roll around my middle entirely due to ice cream sammies.

So the dinner party was a hit, I consider myself a genius, and it was the perfect goodbye to our condo.  Cleanup the next day of the park was not too bad, as everyone had chipped in the night before.  However, I had to take the 16 rented chairs back to the party rental place Monday morning.  Hubs had gone to Asheville for work, so  I did not have his monster SUV at my disposal.


SIXTEEN(!) chairs in the Barbie Dream Car!  It was impressive- the guys at the loading dock were dying laughing when they started pulling them all out.  An impressive feat, no?  Although, I did have to have my top down in 100 degree weather.  When that errand was through I figured I HAD to have a ice cream sammie.  Or two.

Dangerous, I tell you.


  1. I'm so glad it was a success!!

    I soooo understand your pain with the limited space in your car...I'm trying to decide whether I could fit a small porch swing in the back of sass...

    I really am debating buying a pick-up truck.

  2. barbie dream car! ha!! your setup looked wonderful!

  3. What a delightful party! Dining al fresco is one of my favorite things. Good job!

  4. Love the party in the park- what a great idea- I need to do that this summer!

  5. What a lovely picnic- the table setup is great!

  6. Looks like you had a great time! Wonderful idea for a party/get-together.

  7. I looks lovely!!! And I could be on board with those ice cream sammies!

  8. What great pictures! Sounds like a super fun, successful party with great friends. Love the chairs in the barbie dream car - you are hilarious!!

  9. Looks like a lovely day - what a lot of work you put in. But...where are the teddy bears?!!

  10. Kaycee Bears, Teddy Bear Picnic is an old song. Although, some of my guy friends and HUbs definitely have some teddy bear qualities!

  11. So much fun! What a great time! :)

  12. Hey love! Heard it was so much fun! Love and miss you so much!


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