Jun 8, 2010

Just a Social Butterfly Flapping My Wings

Friday night was a thirtieth birthday party for the lovely lady in black and white.  About 25 of us took a bus to a fab restaurant in a lodge located in a neighboring town about 25 minutes away.

We had an incredible, if slightly rowdy meal- I ate a bacon crusted pork chop which was TDF!  Seriously, the most tender pork I have ever had (and Lord only knows how much pork I have eaten in my life!). 
There were toasts given to the birthday girl, there was heckling of toasting, s'mores making in the firepit, major aisle dancing in the bus, and some worn out people!
As you can see, it was a bit of a late night.  However, I couldn't let the lack of sleep slow my roll, as we had a baby shower for Julie (brown dress, blonde bob, in the lower row middle, in case you're curious) bright and early Saturday.  Here's the honoree and hostesses.

ALE and Peg

Leighann (my co-favor-maker) and CM
Beth and I.  Please excuse my glow- it was hot as all get out, but I loved my jacket too much to take it off (plus my ratty bra strap threatened to show when I did).  I scooted out of the shower, scooped Hubs, and headed down to a wedding in Chattanooga.
The wedding was in a Persian rug warehouse, which was very fun- old wood floors, the beautiful intricate rugs on the walls.  However, it was HOT!  The ceiling was covered in a tenting, and unfortunately the air got trapped between that and the actual ceiling.  It didn't stop the beautiful bride and groom from shaking it on the dance floor though.
During daylight hours, we all took respites outside enjoying the breeze, standing in the street.
There were a lot of stories told.
And a lot of laughing.

In my post shower hurry, I forgot shoes! We stopped at an Off Broadway, and I picked up the most darling nude peep-toes, with a big bow and 4 1/2 inch heels for a steal.

In other related news, I am an idiot.  Five hours of standing in a parking lot, wearing new shoes, with a huge heel?

Not comfortable.

Of course, after dancing and standing, my shoes were off.  Cause I like to make standing in streets at weddings even more elegant by doing it barefoot.

I was super jealous of AL when she took off her heels and exchanged for her yoga Crocs residing int he trunk of her car.  And yes, that is Hubs photo bombing the pic.  Can you tell he was enjoying himself?
So we all picked up flip flops at the hotel, reconvened at a local watering hole for more stories, then enjoyed omelets and cheeseburgers at a nearby diner at a wee hour of the morning. 

I'm getting exhausted again just recounting my adventures- I have a feeling after this jam packed summer I will have to become a hermit.  Too bad football season is just around the corner. . .


  1. Holy Cow lady you had 1 heck of a weekend. Sounds like an awesome time.

  2. WHOA GIRL - my kinda weekend! Love all of the festivities. My fave pic might be hubs with the photo bomb - hilarious! Or the bus trip/couple falling asleep. Too cute!!

  3. I love all your costume changes - very sas!

  4. That was one amazing weekend-I'm impressed. Love all the "sorority" pictures with all the girls at each event!


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