Jun 2, 2010

Sunny With a Chance of Oil

I just had the best time down at Watercolor for our anniversary trip.  Normally I get in a funk when we leave, but I soldiered through this time, knowing we will be back in six weeks.

It was dark by the time we made it on Friday night, but the Beach Barn was as cosy and welcoming as ever.

Hubs got right to making us a welcome to the beach beverage-

And we headed out for oysters- I was already in utter heaven.  I really think that I could enter one of those competitive oyster eating competitions, Man vs. Food style.  If only I could get someone to finance it. . .

So that's the teaser. . .the rest of the weekend will follow tomorrow.  How many dozens of oysters could you eat?  I think I could do 12, so 144 raw oysters. . .yes, I would probably not feel so good, but it could be done.  What food would you enter contests for?


  1. so jealous! the beach barn is so adorable! i can eat a lot of oysters, but i have definitely entered crawfish eating contests. they just don't fill me up!

    they do make me fingers swell to the size of sausages, though.

  2. How fun! Love the Beach Barn--so pretty! Glad y'all had fun--can't wait hear/read about the rest of the trip!

    Hmm, what food would I enter a contest for...? Hmm, probably some sort of pie. I can eat a lot of pie (see my hips, legs, stomach, etc for further proof if nessecary). But oh me oh my how I do love some oysters and as BEB stated, crawfish!

    Now, I'm hungry!

  3. Okay, we need to start planning an oyster-eating vacay! August? September?

  4. I love the beach barn! Do you think there is some sort of cheese/cheese dip eating contest? If so, I think I would dominate that.

  5. Oh you lucky duck! I so wish I had my toes in the sand right about now. Happy Anniversary

  6. The beach barn looks like it fell out of Southern Living - LOVE IT! I'm not an oyster gal... could probably win a french fry eating contest!

  7. Um (a) cutest beach house ever; (b) my mom and I once sat next to the then (perhaps still?) record holder of the Guinness Book of World Record Oyster Eating Award - he was on his way to NYC to challenge Kobayashi in the French's 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. He was TRES OBNOXIOUS. (c) I officially challenge Shelley to a Cheese Eating Contest!

  8. ooooh i could probably eat that many oysters too. I LOVE oysters!

    I think I could probably win a Sonic cheeseburger eating contest too. Gross. Ha


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