Jun 17, 2010

Perusing Some Pages

I'm trying to look serious and read here- not so sure how that turned out . . .

So Question Time- starting, obviously, with books!

Kelly asked-
What are you reading right now? In the past you've mentioned you read a lot but I haven't seen you post anything recently.

Lately, I have been alternating between a lot of Georgette Heyer and Nelson DeMille.  If you know these authors you will realize this makes zero sense.  Georgette Heyer was a prolific writer of Regency novels (ala Jane Austen), and Nelson DeMille writes thrillers about wise-cracking New York law enforcement types.  However, they are both excellent page turners, and perfect summer reads.  I also recently finished Confessions of a Rebel Debutante by Anna Fields (check out this review), and Emily Giffin's new book.  I give both a solid- "eh".  I say get 'em from the library/used bookstore/paperback for a beach week.  Speaking of libraries, due to the upcoming two mortgages until the condo sells, mine is going to become my new bff.  Summer of frugality begins!

What else have I read lately?  I tore through the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy- so interesting to read something set in Sweden.  I love all the herring sandwiches, and prevalence of Volvos.  Seriously, I loved reading indirectly about a country about which I don't know much.  And the plots are fascinating- always a plus!

EmmyLou asked-
Hmm well...since you like to read. What is your favorite book? xo

My favorite book is a tough one, because there are so many.  As a child, I loved anything by L.M. Montgomery, and read and read all of her books.  (Gilbert Blythe, be still my beating heart!).  A book I come back to time and time again is Beach Music by Pat Conroy.  I'm from a close knit group of friends who have all been close since we were rocking Trapper-Keepers, so I identify with that aspect.  It's sometimes criticized for being melodramatic, but ladies, I love me some Judith Krantz and Jackie Collins. Obviously, I do not fear melodrama!

Nelle Somerville asked-
What was your favorite Bible Study Book? And yes, more books, I've loved all of your recommendations and am reading South of Broad now. Adore!

I really have fun and enjoy the Bad Girls of the Bible series, which is light veers toward silly, but also helps me get on track.  I have recently started "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore, which I think will be wonderful.  However, it has sadly been left forlorn on my nightstand too much lately.  Time to get back into it!

Hmmm, book recommendations. . .
For some local East Tennessee and Appalachian authors I like:

Bloodroot by Amy Greene
Harvest by Catherine Landis
Lee Smith- On Agate Hill, and Fair and Tender Ladies are two of my favorites.

Have y'all read any of Kate Morton's books?
The Forgotten Garden and The House at Riverton are both excellent.

Okay, I am going to keep thinking, because I have so many more recs for y'all, but my brain is processing slowly this morning, and I can't bring them to mind.  I'll update as soon as another favorite comes to mind. 

Now, give me some ideas please, and also let me know what genres y'all like to read!


  1. LOVE Beach Music - or really anything by Pat C - his new one, South of Broad, started out "eh" with me but ended on a good note, although it's probably my least favorite.

    This week, Jennifer Lancaster is recommending some books that look perfect for summer... I want every single book in the "memoir" category:

  2. Oooh, I blew through the first two books by Stieg Larsson. Now, I'm waiting for the third to come in. Just want to finish the trilogy. It was really interesting reading the tidbits about Sweden!!!!

  3. All great book recommendations! My favorite authors include Wally Lamb, Anne Rivers Siddons and Sue Miller to name a few.

  4. Love Beth Moore and the Bad Girls of the Bible sounds likes so much fun. Thanks!!!

  5. One of my most favorite reads in the past couple of years: Moonflower Vine by Jetta Carleton. It's the tale of a family full of women in the Ozarks in the first half of the last century. I also just finished Little Bee and really liked it, too.

  6. I've never heard of the Bad Girls of the Bible series but I want those immediately! Thanks for all the suggestions :)

  7. I wasn't that into the first steig larson book at first. It took me probably 2/3 of the book to get into the plot - though I agree that the backdrop of sweden is fascinating. I ended up getting hooked, and I've just started the girl who played with fire.

    Are you on goodreads? I love it as a way to see what other people are reading and read their reviews.


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