Jun 18, 2010

I Am Either an Utter Genius or Complete Idiot

Time and weather will determine the above.  So I have been longing to have a dinner party, and try out some new recipes.  Now, saying farewell to the condo is a perfect reason for a bash, so it's time!  However, I have a tendency to um, overestimate the amount of people the condo will comfortably hold.  Ten at the dining table is fine.  The sixteen who are coming (including Hubs and I). . .not so much.

So frantic brainstorming ensued, and I came up with this-
The adorable gated park about .15 mile away from the condo!  I will really miss my fancy neighborhood with its profusion of parks, proximity to the lake/river and my ability to walk to church and the library.

So anyway, I'm setting up tables and chairs, a charcoal grill, coolers, and some tiki torches in the park. I reserved it- how neat is that? Before you answer that y'all, please remember I am a big ole nerd, and think the ability to "reserve"  parks is cool.

Well, you know, I'm imagining how fun a garden party will be, completely disregarding the logistical nightmare that I have thrust upon myself.  I swear y'all, I have expended more energy thinking about this darn dinner party than I have all the minutiae of buying a house (this is a complete and utter exaggeration- I just prefer to think about how food will get to point A to B, over ordering a survey and scraping carpet glue from the bathroom floor of the condo). 

We'll have apps and a fun cocktail as we congregate at the condo, (replete with to-go cups for the walk down- shhh!).

So the menu-
Bacon Wrapped Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Blackberry Chutney
Chopped Salad
Blackberry Farm Squash Casserole

I made the squash for Mother's Day, and it is tooooo good.  Hubs was not the biggest fan because he is crazy because he likes his composed mainly of bread crumbs, condensed cream of whatever soup, and sour cream.  Not me!  I love super squashy squash casserole with the barest of binders, and only CHEESE competing for by taste-buds' attention.

If you are smart  sophisticated possess  an excellent palate, like me, please try this excellent recipe from the Blackberry Farm Cookbook

So, I'm a genius right?

Here's the problem.  A massive, yet brief rainstorm has been coming in every evening around 5 o'clock.  it passes in time for my guests, but how the hell am I supposed to set everything up?  Haven't figured that one out yet.

Another problem- no rain plan.  Hmmmm- this is all I've got-

There's two of them, so hopefully 16 will fit?  Hahaaha- not sure on that one.

Finally it's about three thousand degrees outside.  Solutions for that?  I told everyone to wear light weight clothes (seriously- we'll need some wicking action on this one), plan on serving lots of freezing and plentiful alcoholic beverages, and am serving homemade ice cream sammies for dessert.

We shall see. . .more recipes, reviews, and pictures to follow of course.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I think it sounds absolutely fabulous and lovely and your friends will have fun no matter what!! You must post pictures after the feast.
    I need to get that cookbook!

  2. Ooh what fun! I just put that cookbook on my list. Rain makes outdoor dining more of an adventure! Don't forget to bring bug spray. The bugs have been horrible hear after it rains! Have fun!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous evening! The menu sounds delish - you have some lucky friends. I will cross my fingers for no rain and a cool breeze to blow through!

  4. "Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain." -- Favorite quote from our (rainy) wedding day. Hope you have a fabulous dinner party. And if it rains, just go with it -- dance in it!

  5. Faye you are such a little Martha!Def trying that recipe asap !!! I too love a good squash casserole :)

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  7. I WANT TO COME!!!! seriously, that sounds like such fun!!! hope everything works out!

  8. I vote utter genius! Sounds like it's going to be a fantastic party! And a little (or even a lot of) rain doesn't stop friends from having fun! And now I want to come too! The park looks really pretty! Best of luck! You'll be great!

  9. YUM! I adore your menu, and I especially adore your white-sangria-so-as-not-to-notice-the-heat hydration plan! Good luck, and can't wait for the report!

  10. You just inspired an Under Armor sundress ala wicking idea! Brilliant! Best of luck! PS my pinot grigio has gotten me loopy so I #FF you twice xoxo

  11. Can you share the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin recipe?? Thanks!


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