Mar 19, 2010

The College Years, MOH Tribute cont.

Judging by the lack of designer jeans, this looks to be at some point freshman year of college, at MOH's abode on Lake Avenue on campus at UT.  Although I was down at Georgia, football, summers, and random weekend visits allowed for plenty of visiting, driving around, swigging chardonnay and going to fraternity parties.
This is sophomore year in Athens- this weekend is memorable because the extreme amount of visiting UT students passed out on every inch of available space in VA's and mine townhouse.
Me, MOH and AK on our way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras sophomore year.  This is what we wore on the plane, which subsequently broke down on the runway.  Free drinks for the (already) rowdy passengers!

MOH and I have a very long history of taking horrible pictures together- please note the following:
Senior year in Athens.
After BK and Jules wedding after college (a couple weeks after I returned from Africa). And yes, this picture was probably taken around 3 in the morning.

This is my twenty-second birthday.  Randomly, the is the night I met Hubs for the first time.

This is sometime in college- not too bad, and I still wear that pullover constantly.

Labor day this year- eh.

Maybe we just needed a professional?
Anyway, happy birthday friend!  Love you bunches, and can't wait to spend another 15 years taking really bad pictures and driving around! xoxoxo


  1. Haha so sweet. Thanks!!! WE really do take horrible pictures together. Umm and that pic in your parents kitchen after a wedding....lordy I think i was a bit overserved. Thank you so much for my tribute!!! You are so sweet and truely my bff!!

  2. How great that you've had such an eduring friendship. Those are rare ones. I can so relate to the bad college photos - thank God Facebook wasn't around during my college years!

  3. Awe! Love both of ya'll! And miss you both terribly! Oh prom night at your house, wow. Dixon's date ended up with my date and I ended up with Scott D?? Ah the memories that went down in your house!!

  4. That is so fun. I have stacks of old pictures just like these - looking hilarious in bad clothing choices :) Always fun to go down memory lane!

  5. Ah! That is great! Old school college photos are the best!

  6. What a fun post!! You look like the best of friends - love good times and going through so much with besties!

  7. How great that you've had such an eduring friendship.
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