Mar 16, 2010

The Ides of MOH (belated)

Well, this post was supposed to happened yesterday, the Ides of March, but unfortunately I was felled by a mighty migraine and did not awake from my medication induced slumber until early evening, groggy and woozy.  So anyway, yesterday was a very important day, as it was the anniversary of a very important birth-

Everyone please wish her a belated birthday- however, my lateness is really not that big of an issue because in true party-loving style, MOH's birthday is not in a fact a day, but in actuality, a week of celebration (she's scaled down from the former month of celebration). So this week is officially MOH week on Spice and Sass.  Get ready ladies!

We had a wonderful time this weekend at Cotillion, which was greatly enhanced by the fact that I got to sleep in and skip Sunday School teaching duties.  Thanks Meghan for your awesome offer to teach for me!

Hubs and I headed over to Peg and Hunter's house for a drink before dinner, then met a big group for Italian at this hole in the wall which is BYOW.
There was lots of laughing, wine, and dancing to Super T at the party.
MOH and I by the outdoor fireplace. I'm loving my early 60's Barbie/Betty Draper vibe of my dress.

How was everyone's weekend?  Pirates of Penzance was very enjoyable on Friday, and I am glad I took my mama.  It was hilarious- everyone was asking me where my husband was, and why he was not joining me at the opera. My reply?

"Oh, he's at a Journey cover band."  Love that one half was at considerably less cultured, but possibly more fun event.

Final note, did anyone watch Jessica Simpson's new show, The Price of Beauty?  I did, and liked it (so far)- reviews?


  1. Your hair (and dress) are fab! I love a good headband!

  2. hello! i recently stumbled across your blog and love it! love the southerness of your life (i'm a northern girl dreaming of the south).

    i especially love your clothes. i am always on the lookout for new dresses. where did you get this black one? you look fabulous! you could have a whole section on your blog about your amazing clothes!
    xo, kate

  3. I adore your dress! How perfect for your event. Sorry you're recovering from a migraine. Those things are pure hell, pardon my French. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. Love your dress! Looks like you had a fabulous time! And I love BYOW places!

  5. Love that dress - you looked fabulous!

  6. Samma, I just love that dress. So tres pretty!!!!

  7. LOVE the dress.

    And I'm totally jealous about the Journey cover band.

  8. I too saw Pirates and loved it! Glad to see Jessica back on TV and getting out of her LA bubble!

  9. Recently found your blog and absolutely loving it! You looks gorgeous in your dress!

  10. You look so cute!
    Loving that yellow room.

  11. Looooove that dress--and your hair! Perfect!


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