Mar 8, 2010

Mama Clarification

Here's me and Mama.  Here's what she wanted to say about this house-

"I love this plan...partly because I may be living there some day. Samma didn't tell the "whole" story. She actually wants to live in MY house....yes, I am her mother. The plan has always been to have a family compound. Are you all too young to remember the Ewings on "Dallas"? Anyway, Sam and hubs will build this beauty on the 4 acres next to our 7 acres and then we will switch houses when she outgrows hers. That is OUR to get Samma's dad to agree to the move to smaller digs!"

Thanks for the clarification, Mama!  I have also tried to get my brother to live on the family compound as well, but he wants to live on the lake.  I've reconciled myself to that idea, because that means I can keep my boat on his dock someday in the far future.

Luckily, Mama and I have very similar taste- otherwise it would be difficult to build a house to suit the needs of a young (someday growing) family, and an aging (not anytime soon) empty-nester couple.  Always, what I need- another challenge.  Whenever Daddy expresses his refusal to ever move (even next door), I cough the name of the local retirement home as my threat.  I'm such a sweet daughter.

Wonder if Mama will leave her Wilma Flintstone pearls seen above in the big house when we switch?  I've been itching to get my hands on those!


  1. Could you BE any cuter!?!?!

    We always talked about moving on ONE big piece of property ... but I'm having to settle for just moving into the same neighborhood!!

  2. I love the idea of a family compound!

  3. Aw, I love that idea! When my husband and I got engaged, we were planning to move into his parents guest house on their ranch. I was so excited to be living with his family on this big ranch. That didn't end up happening--instead, we moved 1,200 miles away 100% by ourselves--no friends, no family. I wish so much and his family would move out here (mine just built a house and my dad has told us all he plans to die in that house--he ain't leavin'!) so we could have a family compound... My husband grew up like that and I think how wonderful it would be for our future children to live near grandparents and cousins.

  4. You two are just gorgeous. I understand - it is my mission in life to get Daddy and Mama Manners to move out west by me!

  5. i used to think it would be cool to live on a big farm and all of us (i have 5 brothers) build a house on it. "used to" being the key words -don't think i could handle the reality of it although it would probably make for a very interesting reality tv program.

    i'm having my first ever give*away if you are interested.

  6. So, this has probably been stated but do you and hubs live there now? I WISH we all had personalities that would allow us to be so close to each other!

  7. You're so cute! I've always wanted a compound - for friends, too - I want EVERYONE I love to be my neighbor! And hola! Put a lake on your compound so bro can go!!


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