Mar 12, 2010

I am a horrible blogger and FedEx Disaster

So I was anxiously tracking my Saks package full of dresses (on sale) that I could possibly wear for Men's Cotillion this Saturday night, until I found a cheapo from Dillards that is darling.  However, I still wanted to take a gander at the Saks dresses, just to make sure none of them were a life-changer.

Hubs was working from home yesterday, and I excitedly called him asking if my package had arrived.  He tromps outside, and finds nothing.  I check the tracking again- delivered to front door over an hour ago!  I call FedEx and they have put a trace on the package (very CIA), but no results for another 24 hours.  I am a bit peeved because (a) I obviously rush delivered these dresses for a reason (b) now I have a lost package full of expensive dresses I need to return and (c) WHERE ARE MY DRESSES?  Will I never be able to trust tracking (or my neighbors) again?  Has this happened to y'all??

So, while getting my Dillards dress out of my trunk for alterations, I notice several packages.  Shit.  It's your happy prizes, which I completely spaced on sending.  I am soooo sorry! So will the below please re-email me your addresses, at   Thank you so much!


Then I also realized I never announced the winner of the John Besh cookbook giveaway.  According to Random Number Generator- it's bum, bum, da bum-

Number 7!  Which is Tami!

So e-mail your address as well please! Once again, I am so sorry for my slackerdom.


  1. bad blogger!! j/k

    where is your saks package?! how horrible!

    umm.... pretty sure you can get your shipping fees refunded when all this is over. j.crew did that for me once.

  2. I had a FedEx package that the tracking said was "delivered" on Saturday, only to have NO SIGN of it even by Monday (which was also unfortunately President's Day). I called FedEx who told me they passed it off to USPS (then why the h did I pay all of that extra money...) who then marked it as delivered, but guess what. Sometimes they will say it's delivered when it's not. So 2 days later I got a note in the mailbox saying my package was at a post office waiting to be picked up, and I ended up waiting in line for that darn package for an entire hour. Horrible shipping fail.

  3. Hope it turns up soon! I hate it when you pay the extra money for the rush order and that happens. Good luck!

  4. what a bummer! i hope the tracker was in error and it shows up soon!

    you can enter my first ever give*away if you'd like :)

  5. Um, yes that happened to me with my shoes for your wedding! I ordered some shoes from and they have free overnight shipping. Sounds great, so I purchase them thursday morning in plenty of time before the cutoff to be sent to my parents house in Knoxville on friday and to wear on saturday. Well, friday, i fly in and get home around shoes. THE UPS MAN HAD LEFT A DAMN NOTE SAYING THEY WOULD TRY AGAIN MONDAY!!! What?? Common sense would tell anyone that if you get something shipped overnight it is because you NEED IT! Ugh! So annoying. I call UPS and bless them out, noting that there was no signature even required so what the heck happened??? Anyway, long story short i had to go to Dillards the next morning and buy a pair to wear to your fabulous nuptials:) All worked out but really pissed me off!

  6. Christmas about 4 years ago a mother and her kids were following the delivery trucks through the nicer neighborhoods and stealing the packages after they were dropped on the porches. Scary! Now I have everything delivered to my dad's office where I know someone can sign for it.

    Hope the package turns up!


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