Mar 5, 2010

Dreaming Away

So, apparently I have been living in the clouds this week- dreaming of basking in the sun, of classic enduring style, and just general living in my head.  Am I alone here?  As a child and teen, I loved to "read" catalogs (random pet peeve sidebar- I HATE when people refer to catalogs as magazines, ugh).  I would imagine myself in that world, with a house filled with that bedroom, and me lounging about here and there looking as polished and camera ready as the models.

In between my vitamin D-deficit induced beach lust, I have also had HOUSES on the brain in a bad way the last couple of weeks.  I've mentioned before that Hubs and I would love to build on a lot we are in possession of, but construction is expensive.  Which means patience, waiting while we save.  Patience is NOT one of  my virtues.  I want a house, I want a dog, someday in the (far) future I want babies, instead of being content in the wonderful place I am now (Erin wrote a wonderful  post about this recently- please read).

Anyway, here's one of the houses I want to build (all via Southern Living house plans).

Of course being as picky particular as I am, there are major modifications I would make.  For instance, I would turn the "open to below" area upstairs into some sort of playroom, because I do not like cathedral ceilings in small home.  Please do not be offended if you have one and e-mail me.  Personal preference, and I'm really weirdly particular as stated previously.  I would like to add a couple more shed dormers to the roof, and maybe change the side screened porch to a reading nook/office area. 

I love to spend time looking at house plans, and at local real estate listings.  It's partially because I just love houses and design, but also I am playing a grown up version of my catalog game.  How would I renovate that 60's style rancher?  Ooh, could I add shingles and paint that yucky brick and that house would be cute?  Maybe I could paint that old pine dark pine panelling?  What would I do to that down-on-its-luck cottage?  If I built this house, what would my kitchen look like? How would I decorate?  Could I plant a garden that I could look out on while I washed dishes?  Would there be a place for my wall of bookcases that I need?  Where would I put my furniture?  Where would Hubs Junior sleep? 

Yeah, sometimes I need to get out of my head just a little bit.


  1. I think it's totally natural to be real estate dreaming at this stage of the game. Babies are great and on the someday list, but ooh, a house could be RIGHT NOW! I'm in your boat, too - take a gander at DC real estate and have fun picking your jaw off the floor. This is why it's good I love renovation projects and doing the dirty work myself, because there ain't no way we can scoop up anything else!

    ps: How amazing you have land, though. LAND! We have... a toolbox for future home renovating?!

  2. I love Southern Living houseplans and that one is a beauty!

  3. I love the Samma dream house! I don't know why, but I picture you and Hubs in the future in the Father of the Bride house...

  4. Gorgeous house! I've been picking up real estate (and even apartment) magazines to look at floorplans and pictures since I was all of...10?

    This house doesn't have enough bedrooms for all of my babies! I think I will need at least 5, since I want 3-4 kids and a guest room is a must. That's not too much to ask, right ;)? I also want a kitchen that is open to a den of some sort, or at least has enough wide open space for both a breakfast area and a couch :) I've seen it done in magazines and I just looove it.

  5. I can't believe you don't like cathedral ceilings!!!! ARRRGGGGGGG

  6. I adore that! And I totally agree about cathedral ceilings in a smaller home. It's so much wasted space!

  7. This is a great plan, but it could use another room (or two). We will always need to have a guest room since the in-laws are in another state. I'm not sure I would call this home small though. I guess I live in a cottage. Ha!

  8. I can totally relate. I often think about my dream house, especially before going to bed each night.


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