Mar 17, 2010

Hair and Dress Questions

Ugh, scanner is broken, so y'all will have to wait to see pics of MOH doing important stuff together like prom and going to Sonic.  Also, she wanted me to clarify that the first picture in yesterday's post is from an eighties party.  We were not that old in the eighties and victims of mass amount of botox and surgeries.

Thanks for all the dress compliments ladies!  I wish I had taken a pre-alterations picture, because is was cute but veering dangerously close to MOB territory.  The dress is from Dillards, and the brand is Cachet.  It's not online, and the brand's dresses that are on the website are frighteningly middle-aged.
The dress was taken up about an inch, a fussy belt was removed, and more crinoline was added for extra poof and Betty Draper-ness.  I kept the rest simple with pearls (including the coveted South Sea pearl ring of my grandmother's mother's soon to be mine), and sleek (but big) hair.
Yes, I teased the hell out of my hair (much like I used to do to all the boys, hee- uh, Hubs if you're reading, just kidding!). With the use of a massive amount of hair spray, I was about an inch taller and ready to dance!


  1. Super super cute! I love eveything about it!

  2. You look fabulous!! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  3. Love, love, love, LOVE!! Did I mention I love it all?

  4. Gorgeous! Anytime you're channeling Betty Draper you're obviously on the right track!

  5. Absolutely stunning. I love that you chose to go all the way with the hair/accessories to really bring out the 50's elements in the dress.


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