Mar 26, 2010

My Secret Love

Well, not so secret since I just told the interwebs about it.  And all my friends in real life know this (I think).

I am a huge Grateful Dead fan, especially the Pigpen years.   I  jam out to my Dead channel on Sirius all of the time, all thanks to my Jordan Catalano freshman year of high school who was a big fan.  I had to impress him, so I started listening.  The Dead's a band I always come back to, and never really get sick of.  Love them.

Much to my surprise, so does Tory Burch!  Check out this on her website

She may be preppy, but Miz Burch is a deadhead.  This makes me inordinately happy for some reason.   As does the BLT with avocado I had for dinner last night.  It's the little things, y'all.

What's your secret music love?  Don't be embarrassed- I listen to everything, and adore guilty pleasures (such as the Spice Girls and vast amount of J. Lo which reside on my ipod).


  1. Huey Lewis and the News. I know I should be ashamed. But I'm not.

  2. Hmmm, I'm mostly a secretly listen to soundtracks of the musicals I grew up on kind of gal. Which, while Wicken may be all the rage now, I was NOT the cool kid when I'd bust into my rendition of "16 going on 17". Obviously, I lived a sheltered life.

    Also? I still love Britney. Even with all her crazy, I stil llove rockin' out to her.

    OK, must go hide under a rock now.

    PS. Try a BLT wtih avocado on a bagel instead of bread. It's pretty much heaven.

  3. Country Music Radio with out a doubt. I know this is a main stream music choice in many parts of the Country but in Eugene Oregon it is NOT. People are shocked and horrified when I admit this fact. Although my favorite is older country music which cannot be found on our radio stations. Luckily I inherited my great grandfather's and grandfathers country music record collection to satisfy all my Charlie Pride wants.

  4. Cheeseball pop music and filthy rap music (I mean, the dirtiest). Quite a contradiction, but I love them both. My go to band from HS? Def Sublime. Such a Cali girl.

  5. Love that preppy Tory Burch is a dead head! She surprises me. I love 'em too and what a fun exhibit. Too bad it's not down South, but what a good find.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE AC/DC! There. I said it. I am ashamed no longer.

  7. I'm a huge Dead and Widespread Panic fan. Funny to see that TB is a Deadhead!

  8. I'm ALL over the place with my musical selections - lately it's been lots of Beatles, a little bit of 311, some Vampire Weekend and the Ting Tings. No rhyme or reason for sure!!


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