Mar 10, 2010

The Glamorous Life

Thought y'all would enjoy these beautiful covers of Vogue Australia- side-note why doesn't our Vogue do this?  I am sooo tired of wan photo shopped starlets with zero personality lounging about, Anna.  Carine Roitfield is out for your job- you need to spice it up!  Call me, we'll chat!

I've got a bit of a glamorous weekend, with the Opera on Friday (Pirates of Penzance, starring Knoxville's own David Keith), and Cotillion on Saturday.  Too bad Sam Seaborn, recording secretary of Princeton's Gilbert and Sullivan Society will not be there*

So I'm thinking about wearing black Saturday (which I don't do often for events)- something with a full skirted fifties vibe, with my hair down in a flip with major volume.  If only I could sew, I could whip up exactly what I want.  Maybe I'll look into that- any seamstresses out there?  Did you take classes?

Any glamorous plans for y'all this weekend?  I have been living a very Gossip Girl lifestyle lately with operas, and cotillions galore!  If only I had Blair Waldorf's wardrobe.


  1. These covers are gorgeous! I'd also like to see something more of this caliber on our newsstands. I'd also like to go shopping in your closet for the upcoming family wedding in Europe.

  2. My mom made me take sewing in 4th grade... which is very un-Jan-Moynahan of her but I think I was going through a lazy phase and didn't want to do anything that summer. Anyhoo, I learned absolutely nothing and all my projects went terribly astray. I wish I would have paid more attention / taken the class at an older age :(

  3. I'm excited for you to venture into the world of black -- it's so rare for you! Can we please see some options?

  4. These are so great & such a nice change of pace. I have to admit I was less than impressed by Tina Fey and her too low dress on the latest U.S. cover. Leave it to those adorable aussies.

    Enjoy your glamorous weekend!

  5. Black will look very striking with your coloring! Post pictures after!

  6. Gorgeous covers! If only American publishers could get with it!

    No glamorous plans this weekend, unless you consider running an ass kicking marathon (while battling a cold) glamorous, in which case, why yes I do!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Gorgeous eye candy!

    I took a couple of sewing classes, but it's one of those things that you have to start doing then refine as you go. At least that's been my history :-)

  8. I love these covers. I would be somuch more inclined to buy fashion magazines if I saw the artistic aspect rather than stick figures with legs on the cover.

    Also, I wish I could sew as well. I have such a tricky figure to dress and would love to have more vintage inspired pieces.

  9. Those covers are amazing - thanks for sharing!! I'm not a seamstress, but I keep saying i'm going to take it up to make skirts, pillows and scarves. hehe

    You HAVE been quite the socialite lately! This weekend I have friends in town Friday night and a St. Patty's beerfest Saturday! Yeah, keeping it classy ove here. haha

  10. Wow, I love the vintage feel to those covers, its timeless. It would do America good too. Your outfit idea sounds gorgeous, very Katherin Hepburn to me. I can't wait to see what you come up with.


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