Mar 25, 2010

Girls in White Dresses With Blue Satin Sashes

A few of my favorite things-
1) Forsythia

Spring keeps creeping up on me- the warm weather induced me to throw out all my ratty torn-up tights and hose, leaving me barelegged during the inevitable return of winter weather.  However, many of my favorite things are out in abundance.  Like forsythia!
There is tons of forsythia bushes outside the condo.  Unfortunately they are pruned and clipped (but still make me joyous).  When I was little I used to hide in a forsythia bush and read by book, tucked under the blooms.  Such a pretty name too- Forsythia.  Hubs, maybe we can name a daughter Forsythia?  Forsythia Faye?

2) A big stack of cheap fun books! 

Do y'all have a good used bookstore?  We have McKay's and it is heavenly! I've been in a light mood lately, so I finished off "LoveHampton" (cute), and am now reading "Notting Hell".  Buying books I read in a matter of hours is not quite so guilt ridden when they cost a dollar.  Also, I am very excited about Sophie Dahl and Dominick Dunne's "Too Much Money", which was just released.  Some cookbooks and Ruth Reichl round out the mix, along with some historical fiction in Emma Donoghue's "The Sealed Letter".  I read her novel "Slammerkin" which was engrossing yet a bit depressing.

3) Folk Art

My lion by Crystal King.

The Red Fox by Cornbread Anderson
Kids Flying Kites by Woodie Long- we bought this on our honeymoon, and Woodie passed away this fall.  Hubs at first was very unsure about art choices (he's more of a print of your college stadium on game-day type of guy), especially my love of folk art, and my plans to fill our home with all sorts of folk art.  I think he's come around though.  He is a fan of our newest piece, which I dreamed about for a week this cold, long winter. . .

Day Lilies by me.  Maybe I could begin a new career-  painting in the tear down house sitting on our property, wearing big old shirts of Hubs', and puttering about a vegetable garden?   I need a folk artist name though.  . .

Forsythia Faye? Done and done!


  1. Samma Faye is a folk artist name if I've ever heard one! I have a feeling that we could totally rock a mother/daughter folk art field trip, by the way...

  2. They are all beautiful, but the piece by you is amazing! What a great outlet! My hubby is the same way...we have a deal, his "artwork" (term used VERY loosely) goes in his mancave, mine goes everywhere else! are you familiar with the gullah artist jonathan greene? love his work.

  3. that stack of books looks just divine! i need to start updating goodreads and we can share our reading-too-many-books-at-once habits with each other!

    xo, ACL

  4. Great list - especially that great stack of books!

  5. I would like a Forsythia Faye original please -- and a trip to McKays!

  6. I love Dominick Dunne! He was so fabulous. Almost as fabulous as a girl named Forsythia Faye. What couldn't she do, really?

  7. I love my Samma Faye orginals that I still have hanging in my house!!

  8. i want a Forsythia Faye for the study at the beach house. Gonna make the upper wall an "art gallery/salon".
    The Catawba Valley folk art show is in Hickory, NC this can get a Crystal King original there. Check it out....wish Sam and I were there!!!
    Samma's Mama

  9. I think I want to change my name to Cornbread Anderson! Love this post!

  10. I love forsythia bushes, too! They are blooming like crazy all over our neighborhood... Have created some wonderful photo ops!

  11. Fun picture post!! I've got to find a bookstore like that - how fun! Great picks!


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