Sep 17, 2009

Bev Hills Fashion- a Cure to a Serious Case of the Blahs

If you are suffering from such affliction (like myself, thanks cloudy nasty weather!), please hightail it to Sling Blog for hilarious Bev Hills recaps- the original in all of it's acid washed, polka dotted, bike short sporting glory. None of this current crap.

The early years of 90210 could not have existed without the snap-crotch bodysuit. Must have been a lot of long lines to the ladies room at West Bev.
Here I believe both Brenda AND Kelly are wearing body suits!

Donna's turn. Blair Waldorf ain't got shit on Kelly in her headband. If memory serves me correctly Kelly is sporting bike shorts under that polka dot mini. Hawt.

Brenda is looking sporty chic in her bike shorts and headband.

Back to the bodysuit- in maroon crushed velvet. I swoon.
Ooh, did Brenda let Donna borrow it for a party at the Walsh's? Or is Donna's a more expensive, designer crushed velvet maroon bodysuit? With no back! I don't think Felice would approve. Not very virginal looking, Donna.
Comparatively, this skin tight, off the shoulder floral number with matching headband is positively demure. And coordinates nicely with Steve's mini-floral shirt. Notice both he and Kelly and sported the pleated waist pant with black silver buckled belts. He however, is NOT wearing a pink bodysuit. For shame.

Now to the most embarrassing part of the post- outfits which I sported (or tried to within the confines of my 6th grade clothes budget and the strictures of my mama).

Definitely this look- copied right out of the pages of Teen magazine.

The following looks of Donna's were definitely in my 6th-7th grade wardrobe- short-all with elastic headband, and black leggings with oversized colored sweater on top. I was looking good!

Early nineties fashion. I can't believe it is coming back. Not for me folks! I've got awkward 6th grade dance pics to prove that it should stay in the past for me.


  1. This is so funny! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Brenda Walsh! Seriously -- best post ever. I agree, I cannot believe 90s fashion is coming back...I really do think it was actually worse than the 80s...

  3. Haha, great post! I have the first four seasons of this show on dvd and I was definitely having fun seeing all their 90s outfits when I watched these episodes for the first time in the 2000s. I was too young to wear bodysuits in the 90s, but my older sisters had them, and I was jealous!

  4. The snap-crotch body suit was a wardrobe staple!

  5. I had several pair of the short-alls, too! Yikes!

    Also, those bodysuits are priceless! If I wanted to wear something that tight, I'd just go with my swimsuit. Terrible!

    I am very much afraid of the '90's comeback. I'm already seeing it in the plethora of plaid flannel everywhere. Not a look that needs to be revisited.

  6. Oh man, this post is the best thing to happen to my illness since this big 'ol hot toddy I'm sipping on. LOVING IT!

  7. Brenda is looking like my 5th grade class photo!!


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