Sep 22, 2009

Three Day Slimdown

Quick disclaimer- this three day "jump-start" is not a sustainable diet, nor is it for fat-loss. However, you will lose about 5 pounds of water weight, so it's perfect for an upcoming event, such as a party or trip to NYC.

Breakfast: 8 oz plain fat free yogurt (I use Fage with a touch of splenda and tons of cinnamon-yum!), and 1 egg cooked without fat or salt.

Snack- 2 oz of low fat cheese (this is 2 servings of cheese if you watch your labels)
Lunch- one can of Tonno tuna, drained. Add pepper and fresh lemon. You can use the Tonno tuna in olive oil, which I recommend because it is delicious. After you drain it, there are not many additional calories, and the healthy fat keeps you full.

Snack- 1/2 cup of broccoli and 8 oz cottage cheese. I am using cucumber because I have some in the fridge and need to use them.

Dinner-2 c. of salad greens (I dress with a very light on the oil homemade balsamic vinaigrette), 1/2 cup steamed with lemon green veggies, and 4 oz of seafood cooked without fat.

Snack- 8 oz plain fat free yogurt.

Not bad right? If you hate hate hate seafood you can switch that for plain chicken breast. Here's the kicker though- NO SALT OR OTHER SEASONING WITH SODIUM!! Stick to fresh herbs, fresh ground pepper and lemon. Also- NO CAFFEINE (besides green tea). Drink tons of water and 3 cups at least of green tea. That's it on your beverage selection.

Like I said- it is a quick, but very effective fix, to lose five pounds of WATER weight in 3 days. I'll be eating this til Friday!

Next up- is using Gossip Girl for packing advice a bad idea??

Sidenote- while watching said Gossip Girl last night, I decided since I was starting the 3 day diet tomorrow, I deserved a brownie. I keep a bunch of brownies in the freezer for such purpose (also so I do not I eat entire pan of brownies when first made- they must immediately be shipped off to Siberia). So I am anxiously awaiting my brownie as it heats in the microwave. Then I start to smell something burning. Confusion. How could microwave burn brownie?? I haul it out of there, and find a stray piece of aluminum foil stuck to the bottom. Drat.

I remove the parts of brownie that looked affected and ate the rest. Some of it had a slightly singed flavor that I handily masked with cinnamon ice cream. So I am I going to die of radioactive aluminum poisoning now?


  1. That diet jump-start actually sounds do-able, especially since I like iced green tea. However, that brownie story totally makes me want to go home and make the Duncan Hines fudge brownies that I have in a box! I heart brownies! Oh, well, on to The Shred for me, it is!

  2. I don't think I was aware of the egg when I did this in July...whoops.

    What sort of gossip girl packing did you have in mind? I hope that means you're going to channel Little J in your packing...that would be entertaining...I don't think I can imagine you trolloping around NYC in faux punk attire, heavy eye makeup and ratty extensions!

  3. Oooh! What a great diet idea for losing weight before I wear a dress!

  4. I've had my eye on that book. Might have to pick it up!

  5. I used this plan last year and it worked well. How is the 3-day detox/de-bloat going for you? I need to do a little jump start myself.


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