Sep 21, 2009


So it was another great weekend- happy hour with the ladies, after which I really wanted to crash on the couch for the remainder of the night. However, Hubs talked me out of it, and I headed to Greek-Fest for wine, Greek dancing, and a chicken in a pita. We all had a great time, and ended up staying at a friend's house chatting until past 2. Oops.

Saturday morning I met Gracie Beth at Starbucks to exchange gifts from the Football Swap. I love the Tennessee gear she gave me, and she was just delightful in person as she is on her blog. After almost throwing up on the elliptical (hmmm, Greek wine?), I decided to watch the UT-Florida game on the couch, while Hubs hit up a party.

Although the Vols lost, they played very well, and all of Big Orange country was putting up a 23-13 game as a victory. So hurrah!

After the game, I fixed myself up, and got ready for an engagement party. It was a great time.

JML, me, Carson, AB, the lady of the hour Surrat, who is getting married in January, Shan, MOH, who borrowed one of my fave dresses purchased for my engagement party, and JB

Me and Hubs. Please ignore my face/hair- it was pouring rain, and I am suffering from pinkeye (gasp!). I woke up with a stinging eye on Saturday morning. Ugh- I look like Popeye in all these pics.

So I am thinking about sporting this stripey DVF dress for our Broadway show and dinner at Balthazar Friday night in NYC- what do ya'll think? If it's chilly I will wear black tights with it. Thoughts??


  1. Great dress! I think it would be perfect for NYC!

  2. I think the dress would be great for a Broadway show - and how cute would it be with tights?!


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