Sep 23, 2009

Teen Witch!

I adore this movie. So strange, yet late 80's good. Somehow, although Louise possibly does naughty things with the popular guy in an abandoned house, (because she has cast a spell on him, naturally), this movie escaped the ban imposed on similar slut-tastic films such as Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman.

Teen Witch made an indelible mark on the cinematic world by its ground breaking implementation of rap in a movie set in white bread suburbia.

Just kidding. Top That is pretty awesome though.
So anyway, imagine my distress when I read this. Ashley Tisdale- blergh.
I have a far better suggestion- Blake Lively. This sounds odd, but the perfect interpretation of Louise Miller is in her genes. Her sister, Robyn Lively, starred as the title teen witch in the original. Crazy, huh??


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