Sep 8, 2009

Weekend Review

MOH, me, and MOH's little sister who is in turn, my fake little sister
After recovering from my Friday night- luckily I abided by a midnight curfew, as a 12:21 game involves an early morning, we hit the tailgates bright and early.

Fake Little Sister and her fiance- wearing matching jerseys, natch

Hubs and Me

Running through the "T"

The "Orange-out"

Our fab pre and post-game hostess, Peg and me.

Jules and me (after I gave up on my beloved Dawgs, sigh).

After the game and ensuing festivities, I was exhausted! Taught Sunday School then returned home to the couch and some napping.

Around 5 we met everyone at our fave sports bar, watched the Ole Miss game, then packed up fro a friend's grandparents' dock which afforded us a lovely view of the fireworks show.
MOH and me.

One of my best friends, ET, who was in from Charleston.ET and C-Mac who was also visiting from out of town.
Whitewater rafting dd not happen due to poor weather Sunday, nor did my bike ride due to poor levels of energy. All in all a great weekend. Now I am super grumpy because I have an opera meeting and Junior League tonight, as well as correspondence from a nightmare client to deal with. Waaaahhhhh!!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love your dresses! I want to go back to the weekend, too, as I am dealing with several "problem" people at work today. I so should've taken an extra day off!

  2. you are too cute!
    love the orange dress!!
    glad you had a great weekend :)

  3. Whew, those Volunteers did a number on poor Western Kentucky! Good choice in dresses - very cute!

  4. Love the orange dress! I am glad you had such a great weekend!

  5. You orange is just a tad off! I'm from the other UT. (Hook 'em!) I love your dress though! Wish I could find that in my orange.

  6. oooh ooooh ooooh you are a lady vol! love those vols! they're my sec team of choice (I'm a big 10 girl irl)... my momma's family is from memphis AND if you somehow ever met him- the asst women's rowing coach- a hunky swedish former national teamer- and I used to date!

    love your dresses too, btw!



  7. That's a great lookin' Vol orange dress!

    And your MOH has great taste- I have that top... :)


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