Sep 1, 2009

New York (part 2)

So continuing on the theme of Hubs' 30th birthday and why I am the best wife ever. . .

Yankees-Red Sox game Saturday afternoon at 1:00. He really is going to be kissing the ground I walk on after this one.

Then for Saturday night I am thinking Strip House. Has anyone ever been there? It was recommended to me as a guy's place. Hubs hates trendy or pretentious. If you've been there let me know!

We'll probably go out afterwards with some friends (if not in a food coma). If still hungry, I will definitely have to stop by Gray's Papaya. I interned in NYC one summer, and lived on the corner of West 8th and 6th Avenue. Since my internship was non-paid, I ate a lot of hot dogs. Not the most nutritious summer perhaps. . .

As for Sunday, I suppose we will do some sight seeing. Any ideas? I was thinking the usual- Central Park, Chinatown, etc. We have all day. Our flight does not leave until 9 PM, meaning we don't get back til midnight Sunday night. I will be a paragon of good cheer on Monday I'm sure. Hmmph.


  1. I love those pictures! The baseball game sound soooo fun! You are so making me want to take a trip to the Big Apple!

  2. Okay, I am jealous because I still haven't been to new Yankee Stadium!

    We have a Strip House in Houston and it is AMAZING (it's the same chain).

    After the game, go over to Billy's Sports Bar Bronx for a beer (it is literally right by the stadium and a great place to kill time while you are waiting for the crowds to die down on the subway). You guys have to have pizza while you are there. Maybe walk the Brooklyn Bridge (if you do this go have pizza at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn...right by the bridge...and then walk back over towards Manhattan...I like this view better than going towards Brooklyn). Of course Central Park is a must. Go get a drink at the bar on top of the Peninsula Hotel (it's called Salon de Ningh or something like that)...amazing views down Fifth Avenue. Great views at the bar at the Mandarin as well. McSorley's (on 7th St) is another cool bar (you can only order dark beer or light beer...I don't think anyone knows what kind of beer it is).

    Sorry to ramble!


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