Sep 16, 2009

Cookbook Love

Well, Garden and Gun just sent me a delightful e-mail detailing several cookbooks which will soon be released. I should have just deleted, as I have a major cookbook problem. I have over a hundred cookbooks, yet refuse to quit buying them. I am a cookbook addict. It's sad.

First purchase will be East Tennessee's own Blackberry Farm's tome. If you have an opportunity to visit Blackberry, go with haste! It is a little piece of super luxurious heaven. Sigh. Here's a link to one of the recipes for an apple crisp- perfect for fall which is rapidly approaching.

Next up is the Lee Bros. new cookbook-

Follow the link to a recipe for Ginger Lemonade- sounds so yummy.

The Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook, from the famed Birmingham eatery.

And finally one of my Top Chef Masters crushes- John Besh. I have a feeling after this purchase, there will be a lot of Cajun dinner parties happening at the condo.

This is not helpful to me losing 7 lbs. Crap.


  1. Good lawd - I love John Besh.
    Had dinner at August in NOLA back in June and it was THE most amazing dining experience of my life.

    I'm all over that cookbook.

  2. I don't cook, but how about we make a cook and I will eat the food for you?

  3. Um, yeah, they all look absolutely fab! I hope you post pictures of all the delicious creations that you're going to make!

  4. I got the e-mail from G&G too...I so want the Blackberry Farm cookbook!

  5. Really wanted that red velvet cake yesterday.

  6. (Off topic, but have been meaning to tell you I liked your South of Broad review.)

  7. I think I'm going to get Besh's book -- eating at August in Nola was amazing! Recaps coming soon...


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