Sep 28, 2009

Back from NYC

Today was a much needed mental health day. Instead of working, I slept all day. We got back from NYC about one o'clock in the morning, and I was too exhausted to lift my head out of bed today! However, I am restored, revived, and feeling much better.
While watching Gossip Girl, I though I would fill ya'll in on our big city adventure. Unfortunately, I did not take a lot of pics, because I completely forgot.
When we arrived at the Waldorf, the reception desk surprised us with the fab news that if we waited a half hour with complimentary drinks at the bar, they would love to upgrade us to suite! Hurrah!

I was very excited!

After getting settled, we got dressed and headed to the King Cole Bar, had drinks and a cheese plate, then headed to Jacobs Theatre for the Gods of Carnage. It was amazing- very "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", yet thankfully not quite so depressing and more comic.

Not the best picture- but my dress for the night, along with tights and a charcoal cashmere cardigna, because it was chilly!

Balthazar was wonderful- I nabbed the last bowl of bouillabase, and devoured it.

Saturday was Carnegie Deli (a plate of pastrami was likely not the best idea for my slight hangover, but it was Hubs' trip and choices). Then we headed to the Yankees-Red Sox game. Ha- our seats were the very very tip top row. You couldn't get any higher- but no nosebleeds occurred thankfully.

I was so tickled my this dog, who sat perfectly still while people gawked, with a pipe in his mouth no less! I have this strange fascination with dogs and children wearing sunglasses. Yes, I am easily amused.

We ended up at the Tennessee alumni bar where we watched the game, then headed downtown to the Meatpacking District, then the West Village to meet friends for drinks. I had a wonderful time (perhaps a little too wonderful, as I slept til ELEVEN on Sunday).

After devouring a club sandwich (my room service order always, after a bad experience with crabcakes at the Chicago Ritz), Hubs and I braved the rain for some edification at the Natural History Museum

After the rain ceased we strolled through Central Park, window shopped and relaxed before heading to the airport for our (very) late return flight home. It was a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! How great about the Waldorf upggrade! That's wonderful!

    I loved the dress that you wore to the theater,too! Very cute!

  2. Your trip sounds almost exactly like the ones my hubs and I take-right down to the Waldorf (their brunch on Sunday is TO DIE FOR) and Carnegie-I dream of their humongous sandwiches!

  3. I am so glad you guys had a wonderful trip!

  4. How fun! Looks like you had a great time. Love your dress!

  5. That sounds like a fun trip. You look adorable.

  6. Every doggie should have a good pair of glasses! Great pics!

  7. Glad you had a great trip. Ours was fantastic as well. Wasn't the weather fabulous? Except for the dreary half day on Sunday. Wasn't it so hard to get back to work!


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