Sep 15, 2009

Bike Tour and Weight Loss Tips Needed

Since I am trying not to injure myself and therefore gain another 7-8(!) pounds (gah!), I have turned to biking, which is good for shin-splinted folks such as myself.

Luckily, I can cruise out my front door, hit Cherokee Boulevard, and soon be on the Sequoyah Greenway, to Third Creek Greenway, to the Volunteer Landing Greenway. This takes me from my Bearden are all the way past downtown.

This is starting the Sequoyah Greenway- all the sudden you go from dense neighborhood, crowded Kingston Pike, then the middle of the woods. Heaven!

Third Creek Greenway follows the creek until it joins the Tennessee River.

Third Creek flows next to my high school- we tested it in Ecology class (wearing above the waist waders- hot), and it is super filthy. However, it looks pretty (hmmm, grommety yet attractive looking- reminds me a lot of people I went to high school with).

This is past Tyson Park, near UT campus.

And then you hit the Tennessee River.

Cruise down the river, across from Neyland Stadium, and through Volunteer Landing park.

Past downtown.
Then to a kind of shady former brownfield, where there was nothing to take pictures of. Plus, I wanted to scurry back to a more populated area.

You can cruise through the Agriculture Campus' gardens.
Then head home back along dirty old Third Creek.

It was a great sixteen miles! Easy too- perfect for a sleepy (hungover) workout!

Speaking of working out, in the sidebar is now a weekly workout plan, as well as a daily food diary. I need to hold myself accountable- these 8 pounds are going to fall off by themselves (damn it to all hell, I wish they would!). I know it's a bit tedious, so ignore it if so inclined.

Ya'll have any bright ideas for me? I normally don't focus on the scale numbers, but my clothes are tight (eek!).


  1. I wish we had trails like this in Houston!

    My only advice is stay away from bread baskets and don't eat too late!

  2. Those trails look so pretty! I wish I had some near my house like that! I'm trying to lose some weight myself, so maybe I should take up biking.

  3. Those look like such nice trails. As much as I dislike UT, aside from the stadium ;), Knoxville is very pretty and I've told JR I wouldn't mind living there in the future. I'd just hightail it to Athens on gamedays!

    I really want to get a bike, but they are so expensive and I'm not sure where I'd keep it in my tiny apartment!


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