Sep 21, 2009

Emmy Fashion- Faves and Not So Much

Well, Blake Lively is certainly not shy about revealing her attributes. This pic does not reveal it, but her gown was slit up to her hoo-ha. Ryan Seacrest was sweating with every mild breeze during their interview. Also, her hair was in this massive braid that made her look like a really pretty slutty horse. I think it's too obvious, and a definite not so much (and I adore both red and cleavage).

Drew is another not so much for me. I hate skin colored dresses because of their tendency to make the most glowing people look wan. See Rose Byrne below. I understand that Ms. Barrymore is counteracting the washout with her lipstick, but it just looks off. Like she changed dresses at the last minute without changing her makeup.

Padma- I love you. However, when you are sporting the ten pounds you gain while filming Top Chef (I totally feel your pain), it might be best not to emphasize this with a bunch of flowers stapled to your tummy. Just saying. P.S. You are really really pretty.

I adore Mila Kunis' dress. A perfect youthful combo of a classic shape with edgy details. I am digging it more and more upon closer inspection.

I have an unreasonable bias against one shoulder gowns in general (ice skating outfit associations, they look dumb on me, etc.). But regardless of that issue- KIM! You are not Jenny from the Block. You are from Bev Hills, or similar vicinities. Stop trying. She will beat you because (a) she mastered the art of her own image and will not be usurped (b) she has actually talent (even if mediocre), and (c) she used to be a Fly Girl. Stop doing her faces, hair, and general look. Thanks!!

Oooh, Ginnifer Goodwin! Although I hate the alternative spelling of your name, I love your dress and complete look here. Awesome!!

This is one of those dresses that are gorgeous in theory, then in real life- not so much. Plus it makes Elisabeth Moss look so much bigger than she is. Wrinkly mess. Sorry, Peggy Olson/Zoe Bartlett. You're still a bad-ass actress!

I really like Kyra Sedgwick's show The Closer. I also feel like her marriage with Kevin Bacon is loving and solid, which is delightful. I think her dress is ugly. I like her hair though!

Hey- Chloe Sevigny looks pretty, and not bat shit crazy!

Leighton Meester brings the heat. Awesome.

January Jones Art Deco number is one of those love it or hate it. I think it is cool, and she can wear pretty much anything. Also, I really want her entire Mad Men wardrobe.

Rose Byrne- I feel that we would have a lot to talk about because you are a now second year associate dealing with a demanding boss at your law firm. Then I remember you are actress, we have nothing in common, and I get waaayyyy too into Damages. Also- your dress is lovely, as is your hair. The color of your dress is blah- please see comments re: Drew Barrymore.


  1. I totally agree with you on Mila's dress and completely disagree with you on Rose Byrne -- I thought she looked awesome.

    I also thought that Kristen Chenowith and Allyson Hannigan looked adorable.

  2. Why were the Kardashians even at the Emmys? They may be on TV but I'm pretty sure they weren't nominated/not even in the league of those reality shows that were nominated? I am baffled.

  3. January Jones's dress was amazing, and b/c she's pencil-thin, she can pull it off. I agree with the skin-tone dresses - not the best look.

  4. Couldn't agree more with this total assessment. Kudos for being so on point.

  5. The Big Love ladies were looking awesome!

  6. I'm a huge fan of January Jones' dress; I think she's very hit or miss with her red carpet choices, but this one hit the mark.

    I laughed at the J Lo/ Kim comparison - you're so right that La Lopez is the one, the only one who can pull off that look!


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