Jul 16, 2009

Lawyers, Guns and Money


I picked this up at the used bookstore intrigued by the New York Times characterization of Martin Clark as the "thinking man's and the drinking man's John Grisham." Hmmm, I thought. I like drinking AND thinking! Plus, I'm mad at J-Grish because the ending of his latest book was a total cop-out.

Now Martin is my new man. Somehow I doubt he will be as prolific as the previously mentioned lawyer turned scribe (especially since he has kept his day job of judge), but I love his writing. The Legal Limit starts out slow, but be patient! Persevere! You will be rewarded.

I am currently reading his first book, which has magical realism elements, but now in a creepy way. Or in an overly annoying way.

As a resident of East Tennessee, I am frequently confronted with the many aspects of mobile home living, as they seem to have replaced log cabin as Appalachian-Americans' residence of choice. So far the book does not have that much to do with trailers, but I am sure all will be made clear (well, not sure, but there is a possibility). I'm intrigued (but still in perseverance stage having just began). I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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