Jul 29, 2009

Mad Men Style

Ahhh, I was so born in the wrong era. I have been very seriously preparing for the new season of Mad Men by watching (drooling over the clothes) all of the previous seasons on demand the past few weeks. The clothes! I want!

I seriously considered buying this one for Cotillion or for the Hubs' Brigade of the Mythical Realm of the Rhododendron Ball, but reconsidered when I realized its over $300.

This one is just perfect for swanning about the house, putting on canapes for your guest (maybe doing some vacuuming wearing heels and pearls, as well?).

I like the purple for a little sleek look- add some major eye makeup, some hoops and a charm bracelet or two and I am ready to go!

This outfit would be perfect for a Georgia game (in 1960). Or now?

All of these dresses are made by Suzy Perette (just google and you will find tons of awesome vintage dresses for sale). However, they all sell for $200 plus. Boo.

However, the other day I was rooting around the attic, and found a Suzy Perette dress!! (of my grandmother's) !!! I am trying it on later this week when I have a chance to fully investigate this discovery and head back to my parents. To be continued. . .

1 comment:

  1. Love them all!!

    And what do you mean...? Do you not dust and straighten in cocktail attire? ;)

    Let us know on the Perette attic find, lucky girl.


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