Jul 22, 2009

Southern Lit Lust

As previously stated, I am an extreme bibliophile. I also love all things Southern. I have a fierce affinity to my homeland, and apart from a very miserable summer spent living in NYC (love to visit hate to live, especially on an intern's non-existent salary), and my time teaching school in Tanzania (whose food bore a striking resemblance to Southern food, unsurprising really), I have never lived outside the South.

So, I guess I like to read books about where I live. Not very cosmopolitan of me I suppose.

Anyway, I have the best birthday present ever this year (and unfortunately its not the Jessica Simpson dress. By the time the Hubs got around to looking at it it was sold out. Tragedy, indeed). However, this man is giving me an incredible present for my b-day.

Well played, Pat Conroy, for making sure that I would be awake for every minute of my 28th birthday reading away. (Hopefully, I will have good light that will not encourage squinting, since I'll be in my very late twenties and therefore need to start thinking wrinkles. )

In the meantime, to satisfy your Southern lit lust, please read this book:

It is so good. Really. I made Mama read it, and she e-mailed the author asking when her next book was coming out. I was a little embarrassed when my mama told me this, but Susan Rebecca White was very gracious, and seemed delighted as opposed to terrified at complete strangers e-mailing her. I guess when they are raving about your writing its not as frightening, or annoying as "Nigerians" asking for your bank account to store their millions.


  1. I read Bound South too! And of course, Pat Conroy is my favorite ever. I also find that I really scout for southern books in my local NYC Barnes & Noble. Have you read The Help? It's SO GOOD.

  2. i just *heart* pat conroy! he's the best!

  3. Dear Samma,
    Just found your blog through Blue-Eyed Bride and after reading a couple posts, I thought I'd go back to the beginning, and well, I love your style -- Girl, you are hil-air! Also, I get your lit lust. Mine's so bad I had to go and get an English degree. :) Love finding fellow bookworms!!! Following your blog now. :)


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