Jul 29, 2009

Dear Banana Republic

Dear BR,

As you know from my bi-annual suit purchase at your outlet stores, I truly despise spending money on work clothes. They're boring, repetitive, overly conservative, and yet I wear them every day. This is precisely the reason why I need new work clothes. So I'm headed to get a large diet lemonade at the Chick-fil-a at the mall, when I spy the most adorable work clothes in your window. Great job! Even better, you are having some sort of tie-in with my latest obsession, Mad Men. Although Sterling Cooper is probably the last place I would want to work, I definitely want like to look like the ladies who work there.

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, I spend too much of my disposable income on fun clothes, which are pretty, flattering and possibly sexy. Not suits, or my standby sheath dresses. So please take pity on this poor working gal, and send me the following gratis. Thanks!

I love this look and think it would be really cute on me! Not sure about your styling choice of the brown belt with gray, but I am pretty traditional. Love the blazer too- so fun to pair with the multitude of black dresses I already own, mostly manufactured by you. I'm a loyal customer, see?

I am rapturous over this darling printed sheath, its stretches to add comfort, which is great because my body expands exponentially as the day progresses for some unknown reason. I like this with a black blazer or a colorful cardi on Fridays.

Ooooh, and this graphic dress is perfect for Fridays, PMS bloat, hangovers, or just general grumpiness.

And with tights and this wool swing jacket (which I can pair with more festive attire for my long-awaited weekends), I will be absolutely adorable!

This dress is far cuter in person, but I'm sure you recognize what I am referring to. This is a great transitional piece. Lightweight blazer for now, or cardi, then when it gets a bit chilly (not for a few months because I live in the south) the wool swing jacket!

Thanks Banana! Please send the patterned sheath and gray sheath and jacket in a petite size 6. I think everything else will be a great fit in a 4. I so appreciate this new work wardrobe! We'll be bff always.



*Updated to add:

BR you and I are no longer friends. Sorry. I trotted into your store happily sporting a coupon from the lovely Sarah at http://lifemoreexciting.blogspot.com/. 30%- whoohoo!

Until you have 4's in the styles I need 6's in. And 6's in the sizes I need 4's in. Is this because you have already shipped me my freebies in my desired sizes? Somehow I doubt it.

Furthermore- the gray suiting sheath dress. Um, if cleavage was acceptable at my work, I probably wouldn't be wearing a suit, okay? I know that I am quite endowed in the bosom area, but I get really frustrated when I am trying to buy some suitable clothes and I get full on decolletage! Its not evening wear! Arrghhhh!!

Okay, sorry for that rant. Just had to get that off my chest (which is apparently too big for BR's taste).


  1. Are you aware that Give & Get starts today! 30% off with the coupon! If you need the coupon, shoot me an e-mail (it's on my Blogger profile)...plus a portion goes to charity...EVERYONE WINS!

  2. What did you think of the patterned sheath? I loved it until I felt it -- too much polyester. Ick...


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