Jul 23, 2009

Cheesy Weekend (not involving dance clubs or PCB)

Hmmmm, I know its Thursday, but I am dreaming of the weekend already (although I think I will have to work this weekend, boo). I'm also daydreaming thinking of (a) my fridge, (b) all the yummy pricey cheese currently residing in said fridge, and (3) how delish a glass (by glass I mean bottle) of wine will be with said cheese.

I think tomorrow night will probably result in an impromptu cheese and wine party. Hurrah!!

We will be having:

Cowgirl Creamery's Mt. Tam Triple Creme. My absolute favorite. So creamy, stinky, and amazing.

Humboldt Fog- a blue cheese from California. Its strong (so strong sometimes when a take too big of bite, I have a funny taste in my nose- yes, I realize that makes zero sense, but that's what it feels like), and so tasty.

And finally some Parrano- which is like the love child of a Parmesan and a Gouda. Trust me, a tasty combo indeed.

Time to call the gals for some w(h)ine and cheese on the porch- a perfect prelude to an excellent Friday night. Too bad I still have a day to go. Sigh.

I suspect that these ladies will attend:

Lou, AK, and me

Although one of those ladies has a baby, and one is knocked up, so might no be as interested in wine and soft cheeses as the rest of us.

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