Jul 24, 2009

Wine and Shine

(Do they look like wine and cheese guys? Maybe not so much)
So apparently the guys are not as excited about wine part of wine and cheese as us ladies are. However, I was able to entice them with a far more sophisticated type of inebrient.

White Lightning, my friends. That's what you get for a wedding present when you're a born and raised East Tennessean. Seriously- an old family friend who originates from here: (Union County, Tennessee), beautifully wrapped 3 bottles of moonshine, one even with a commemorative wedding label. Hurrah!

There is actually no sarcasm contained in my above exclamation- I am genuinely excited about this gift. I do love me a tiny tipple of moonshine, every so often. I am from the city of Thunder Road, as noted by Yee-Haw Industries: So now, its wine, shine and cheese on the porch. Have a feeling it might get a little rowdy. Last time I mixed wine and shine and a porch I was hungover for a week. In college, when hangovers did not exist. This could be trouble.

(Hurrah! Moonshine!)
*Edited to Add- Don't be scared. I am not a raging redneck. I just have Appalachian tendencies.

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