Jul 31, 2009

Is Chivalry Dead? Part 1 of very, very, many

A googling of "elevator etiquette" reveals a multitude of articles and even a website devoted solely to elevator manners. So why do so many not know the proper rules of exiting the elevator? (exiting is just one of my many curmudgeonly beefs with elevator behavior- I may have a problem).

LADIES FIRST!!!! I mean really, who does not know this? Apparently a lot of people who ride the elevator. If you are blocking the exit in a super-crowded carriage, then exit first please, but otherwise stick to the rules. Among the ladies- let anyone older than you exit first. Its courteous and respectful.

Now violators of these rules are still the exception down here, but becoming increasingly common in my experience. I don't know if its transplants or if someone's mama just didn't raise them right. Either way, I am disheartened every time some 17 year old male shoves his way of an elevator before me.

I'm a little cranky- its been a long week ya'll.


  1. I also hate when this sort of thing happens in my office building with men...I work in oil & gas (there aren't many women where I am) and they will constantly walk in before and not even hold it open from the inside! RUDE!

  2. I hear ya! I've noticed this lately with a couple of young men in the building where I work. Are they not from the South? Were they raised by wolves? Who knows. When I see it happen, it goes right through me.


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