Jul 16, 2009


I have a problem with books. I read constantly, which is likely now why I am a transactional attorney. Unfortunately, I enjoy fiction far more than contracts and corporate formation documents. Shocking, I know.

When anyone asked me if I have read any good books lately, by the time I finish the list, the poor inquirer (who in all likelihood was expecting a half-hearted reply) is backing away in mild terrror. So instead of verbal diarrahea on the merits of various authors, I will publish a list in the blogosphere, for all to see (or none at all to see, more likely).


This book is amazing- seriously could not put it down. I stayed up all night reading it. Please note I have insomnia, so I will say this about pretty much every book I like. However- I don't know if the insomnia is caused by the books and aforementioned inability to put them down, or just have insomnia already, so read all night for lack of anything else to do besides toss and turn.

The mutual reading of this book turned into a very interesting discussion between my mama and I relating to the unique relationship between African-American maids and white families in the South. My mom and her sundry siblings were raised by Ovella, who in turn raised me and my little brother. This book is a very insightful exploration into that sort of relationship. There's my book report. Just read it.

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