Jul 17, 2009

Wedding, Practicing of

The simple bright table decor- photos courtesy of the amazing AK Vogel Photography

My Milly dress, in which I felt like a 60's Barbie. It was a dream come true, except even better because I can bend my knees, and have proportions that do not resemble a stripper/Girl Next Door.

However, I do have a rockin' bouffant. Between 4 1/2 inch heels, and the ten inches of teased perfection I was sporting, I was model height! (If 5' 9" will get you a walk down the runway) Hmmmm. I was catalog model height! Thats me and my mama.

This is me and my maid of honor (MOH). She is incredibly awesome for (a) coordinating her dress with mine and (b) getting me the tackiest colorful practice bouquet ever. Having wisely made the decision that Williams Sonoma ribbons and the other assorted ribbons were far too tasteful to make a bouquet with, she surprised me with a creation involving fake birds, plastic butterflies, and Lord knows what else. You can see it a little more in this picture of my mama and I.

Or in this pic of Diddle and I. She also helpfully coordinated outfits. However, her flowy number was far more suited to the 90 degree temps than the structured silk sheath I was sporting. All of my girls were on constant sweat mark alert for evey inch of my bod. (TMI?)

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  1. How freakin' cute are you in your pink Milly frock! And I spied that gorgeous TIBI number on your MOH... Such a fabulous looking bunch!

    Very nice to make your acquaintance, btw. I appreciate you stopping by the newsroom and saying hello. :)


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