Jul 21, 2009

Game Day Fashion

As previously mentioned, I am a SEC paradox as I steadfastly and wholeheartedly support both my beloved Dawgs and my hometown Vols. Dressing for Georgia games is a cinch, as the colors are Red (my favorite shade) and Black. Easy-peasy.
[Please note in the pic above I am attempting to be neutral in Athens last year at UGA vs. UT by wearing a gray dress (white and black!?!) and a headband which combines orange, red, white and black. I try, okay?]
However, the prison jumpsuit orange of the Vols presents a host of dilemmnas. Can I get away with coral? How about burnt orange, typically reserved for fans of the other UT (Texas)? How close can I get the orange to my face without looking like, well, a fair skinned blonde wearing neon orange? Its other color, white, presents other issues related to Labor Day and my propensity to spill stuff all over me.

This little number from Tar-jay worked pretty well. An orangey shade of coral, paired with white pearls (ok bit of a stretch I know), and sadly, unseen orange and white polka dot kitten heel slides with an adorable bow over the toe (my feet were killing me by the end of the night, c'est la vie). Lou (in the middle) is wearing a super cute DVF dress found on sale. I guess thats one positive- orange is always on sale anywhere outside of UT core fandom.

Here's a chillier weather outfit- I'm wearing J.Crew orange matchstick cords (purchased on sale) and a vintage sweater (prob from 1970's considering the all shades of burnt color palatte). This is rare for me because I never wear pants. Really, I don't. Lou is wearing another staple, the J.Crew cord orange skirt with some sort of tall boot.

I'm not the biggest Lilly fan, but I do like occasional pieces- like this super cute shift, which involves a non-offensive amount of orange. MOH is dying of heat in jeans (or at least I would be), and the rest of the ladies are sporting non-offensive pinky orange.

Any orange spottings? That are actually cute (and cheap)?

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  1. Thank you for the comment w/ the link!!! I'm sad the link didn't work but so funny b/c I found one on F21 that I thought about ordering... maybe it's the same one. My email is nbucciarelli at gmail dot com. Would love if you could send me the one you bought.
    More importantly, I'm screaming over all of the fabulous orange outfits in this picture!!!! I don't know if you have been reading my blog long enough to know that I'm obsessed with orange right now but I AM! :) Hope you have a great Wed & thanks again for the comment xxox


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