Aug 31, 2009

Party in the USA

Why can I not stop (a) listening to this song? or (b) not singing it in my head while I am not listening to it?

I am sitting at my desk, in my suit, reading legal documents, yet singin (in my head) "definitely not a Nashville party, Cause’ all I see are celebs, I guess I never got the memo". I think that's the lyrics. Seems like I would have them down by now. Damn you Miley Cyrus.

Updated to add- please watch this video right now!!


  1. Thanks samma faye...I only know the part "nodding my head like yeah...". So now that phrase is on repeat in my head. Rats.

  2. Hahahahahahah! This cracks me up! I'm not worried about you until you start dancing on top of an ice cream cart!


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