Oct 7, 2009

Barbie Dream House- Bedroom

So Hubs and I are building a home (whenever we have some money, so probably the tenth day of never, but anyway).  I started compiling my idea book about 3 years ago.  So without further adieu, the master bedroom!

As I have told ya'll previously, I am an extreme bibliophile.  I read books at stoplights (well, the great state of Tennessee took my legal texting away).  I need bookcases, because much to my tightwad fiscally conservative mama's dismay, I refuse to use my library card and buy books instead.  Unlike this lovely bedroom (courtesy of Southern Living), my bookcases will be crammed with books.  Not candles.  I can just picture me curled up surrounded by my beloved tomes all within reach. 

To contrast with all the lovely white built-ins, I think a deep chocolate brown such as this living room will be such a cozy contrast, as the bookshelves prevent the brown from being too dark, and vice-versa.

Then combine with by warm sunny Pottery Barn bedding, with a touch of brown (and yes, I registered for this bedding with my future bedroom in mind).

Now I am ready to crawl into bed with some hot tea and a book.  Actually I am always ready to crawl into bed with tea and a book. 

Do ya'll have dream house notebooks?


  1. Love Love the bookcases around the bed -- also my master bedroom dream sceneario. I just had to purchase extra bookcases for my spare bedroom to house my habit last month!

  2. Ahhh I'm the same way. I can not wait to have a house full of bookcases to hold all my beautiful books!

  3. After stuffing every bookshelf in the house to its limits, I am completely out of space for my books. My dream is to have one of those two-story libraries in my house in dark wood with heavy curtains that I can close and lots of comfortable places to curl up.

    I am loving that bedroom, too!

    P.S. The "unusual" gift items on my post from yesterday came from Harriet Carter (also online)!

  4. That would look so cozy. Do you always keep the books that you read? I have started exchanging some through paperbackswap. I only do that if I don't think I would ever want to re-read the book. Also, have you considered painting the inside of the shelves a different color? Our shelves are white on the outside frame (and the walls are white) but the insides of the shelves are dark brown/black. I think it looks nice. And of course now I am stuck b/c it would be such a pain to re-do. :)

  5. I only keep the books I want to re-read, then take the rest to McKays (www.mckaybooks.com), the best used bookstore ever! This however, is counter-productive because I always take a credit and end up with more books!

    I love the idea of painting the inside a different color, or even papering the inside with a graphic print. I would love to see pics of yours. Speaking of, may I have an invite to your blog? Thanks!


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