Oct 16, 2009

Trivia Question

So last night I stopped by a local watering hole to meet Hubs and the guys, who play trivia there every Thursday.  I was immediately sucked in, because I love trivia of all sorts.  So here's the question which I fought tooth and nail for my answer for the team (and got right)

What prescription medication did the U.S. government bribe Afghan Warlords with in the recent conflict there?


  1. We were just laughing about that! Viagra!

  2. This is all new information - if it's viagra that's hilarious!

    Per your question!! The gym is on the first floor of my building. Usually I do 4 miles (1 hour) with a fan on me so it's quick to change in/out and i'm only gone for 1 hour 10 minutes. We get 1 hour/30 minutes for lunch (not 'on the books' but as long as you're back within that time you're good!). My office is in the middle of a heavy business district so if you go out to eat like most people do it's next to impossible to do it in an hour!

  3. Ya'll are geniuses! My friend who is a vet guessed amphetimenes, and all the guys guess antibiotics.


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