Oct 15, 2009

Hmmmppppphhhh, Help Needed, and Hate from Crazies

So my week has already been pretty poor.  Residual tiredness from UT-UGA game, and the constant rain.  Plus I had Opera Board meeting and a Junior League meeting earlier this week, Intro Knox today, a wedding party Friday night, wedding Saturday, teaching Sunday School, then hosting a baby shower Sunday afternoon.  Whew!  Add in never ending rain, and you have got yourself one grumpy girl.

So for the shower I am making my signature artichoke dip, and adorable favors inspired by the ladies over at The Plan. 

So I am making "Cinnamon-Bun-in-the Oven Scones".  For which I need cinnamon chips.  No problem.  I have seen them in Kroger tons of times.  Apparently not.  Everywhere in Knoxville was out of these darn cinnamon chips.  The lady on the phone at Super Target was super helpful and suggested this baker's supply place.  Jackpot- except no.  They did not have them.  So google to the rescue.  I find some random message board that says you can get the chips at this Amish country market about an hour away.

So I leave work, and head up to Bull's Gap, Tennessee to buy me some cinnamon chips.  Once I got there I also got some good ham for beans/soup, some spicy pimento cheese, and a blackberry jam cake.  I will be back.

Oh yeah- it's an Amish market.

So I get home last night, and start scone making and baking.  Tra, la, la.  The scones taste delicious! 


They spread all over the cookie sheet!  Dripping down to the floor of the oven, which made my smoke detector freak out.  This is turn made me freak out- frantically clawing at the thing in a short girl's attempt to bang the battery out?

So bakers- was my butter not cold enough?  What's the problem?  I blame my oven.  It's gas.  I love a gas cook top, but gas ovens bring the lameness.

So I had a spread-y cinnamon scone this morning for brekkie.  It was a yummy crumbly disaster.  Hmmmppph.

P.S. To top it all off, I had a message waiting for me this morning from an ex-client's son in-law.  He is insane and not supposed to be calling me.  His increasingly crazy/threatening messages were the reason I resigned from representing his mother in law.  Crazy ended his angry message with "Have a heart attack!  Bye!"



  1. Whoa, you are having a bad week! So sorry! Hopefully you will get a break soon and be able to enjoy some R&R. The basket is very cute, BTW. Wish I could offer some advice on the scones - I am not a baker. On a another note, I did buy my stash of Junior League cookbooks last night for a fundraising credit. I think enjoy reading about cooking more than cooking itself! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, what a week. I hate that your scones didn't turn out, but they sound delicious. My guess would be that the butter was too warm. Bummer!

  3. I have a feeling some of my friends and I are going to have to hit up that Amish market! I hope your week turns around and I don't think it can rain forever!

  4. That Amish market sounds amazing! If it weren't so far, I'd be making a trip to get all of those things you mentioned. My mom would love it, too.

    I'm not sure about what went wrong with the scones - I do bake, but I've never made scones before.

    I know we already tweeted about this, but that crazy ex-client needs to back off. I hope that your firm knows about it. That guy is just beyond ridiculous.


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