Oct 20, 2009

Why I am Suffering Still from Exhaustion

I just wanted to show ya'll how much I love my J. Crew Pixie pant (please excuse Cousin It hair, lack of makeup and simian facial expression here).  For the all of the guests of the wedding's party Friday night, it was a Southern feast replete with a bluegrass band and name tags that said "Hey Ya'll, I'm _______"   Hee.  My friend's now-wife grew up in Switzerland and there were people from over two dozen countries at the wedding.

After a quick fashion show with AK (conveniently my neighbor), we decided my charcoal cashmere cowl neck, although cozy, was not festive enough.  So I changed into this-

Paired with a warm gold scarf- I was ready to go.  The party was fun, and I stayed up way too late. 

The next day was dedicated to scone baking, and therefore involved an early morning.  Blergh.

Forty scones made, baked, packaged and ready to go.  Then it was time to get ready for the wedding. 

Problem- it was about 45 degrees, and I'm headed to an outdoor wedding.  Our clothing was all a little random.  It was too cold to take my hands out of my gloves for pictures, so this is what I have:

ERJ, MOH and Me.  I'm making that weird face because smoke from the fire pit in front of us is blowing directly into my eyes.  The wedding was gorgeous though, and so much fun.  However, my red wine consumption was intense, as it was my main plan for staying warm. This in turn led to getting rowdy with old friends until, hmmmm, after 2 o'clock.  Great plan, especially since I had to teach Sunday school.

I'll be back with baby shower pictures, as it was just darling.


Just recieved this pic from my friend Dan.  Me and Lise, ERJ, and MOH.  At the bar.  At 1:45-ish.  I look rather purple-smiled, no?


  1. Your outfit for the wedding looks fabulous!

  2. The pixie pants look so great on you. I'm so happy that somebody got them. They looked awful on me. Good thing I find the minnie pants. I love them and can't wait to wear with boots. Speaking of boots love yours..where from?

  3. Thanks! I am obsessed with the boots- they are Steve Madden, from Off Broadway. They were super inexpensive, but I got them last season. I would def check it out though, because I am sure there are similar ones. They have just a touch of a heel, and are super comfy.

  4. Love your outfit(s)!!

    Aw, and thanks for asking about Ella Mae--she's doing better, she's at home now with some meds to calm her stomach and hopefully she'll sleep all day. They think she might have eaten a cotton pad with nail polish remover--since she got into the trash can yesterday. Yikes!

  5. I love your outfits! And those boots are too cute - Steve Madden makes some really adorable boots (and comfortable).

    I may have to try those pixie pants, but I just don't think they'd look good on me. You are totally rockin' them, though!

  6. The pixie pants look great on you! They looked like a hot mess on me though so I had to go with the minnie pant.

  7. I LOVE the color of your gloves. You all look gorg!


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