Oct 1, 2009

More Anna "Nuclear" Wintour Reflections

Still skinny as all get out but a little less polished back in the day, hmmmm, Anna?  Although your allegience to fur and the bob has remained a constant in the ever-changing sea of fashion, no?

This looks like a Donna Martin castoff, my dear.  Although I'm sure it was quite chic at some point in the 1990's.

Heidi Klum would be excessively concerned with the lack of support in this gold lame top (bodysuit??).  However, her clothing has remained the same in its proportions- fitted tops, flowing skirt, or sheath. 

Until you get to this lovely number-

Ya'll, in my hometown there is a drugstore with a soda fountain, that all of us have been patrons of since we were wee tots.  They have the best grilled cheese, chocolate shakes, and pimento cheese burgers around.  Mmmmm.  However, all the waitresses hate their lives, jobs and by default their customers (until you get to know them of course).  Also, as a result of the yummy food described previously, the majority of them weigh about 500 lbs. each. 

Their preferred waitress outfit-

Substitute a Tasmanian Devil for those flowers on the sweatshirt, stick a Virginia Slim in Anna's mouth, and she's ready to sling some tater tots!

Seeing these totally make up for the fact she called the nice camera-man fat in The September Issue.

These pictures were found courtesy of the Huffington Post


  1. Who knew someone could out-Donna Donna Martin? Anna may have.

    Also, there's something about that first outfit I kind of like (wouldn't wear it, but I like it) - but that may be because it's the lesser of the evils!

  2. I'm dying to see the September Issue -- and that gold lame body suit is out of control. Not even a style icon gets away with those kind of "support issues".

    Maybe if I show your post to some of the girls in Nashville they will get inspired to come with me to the movies!


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