Oct 23, 2009

My Slightly Terrifying New Plan

I am going to run a half-marathon!!!   Currently I can run, mmmm, about 3 miles.  I am huffing and puffing at the end and drenched in sweat.  So now I have 5 months to add 10 miles onto that.  Huh.  And this course seems pretty hilly. Although, everywhere in East Tennessee is hilly so that is unsurprising.

So after making this decision I immediately went to Borders last night, and bought Jeff Galloway's beginner half marathon training book. 's all about run/walks.  Sweet- I like to walk.  Especially after a bout with running.

I am scared.  You lovely marathon-blogging ladies have inspired me.  Now I need your help- keep that inspiration coming over the next five months please.  If any ladies would like to "virtually" train together with this little turtle, please let me know!


  1. YAYAYAYYAYAAYAY!!! I am SO EXCITED that you are going to commit and do this! You will be amazed how far you can push your body and how quickly it will respond to consistent training. I, personally, am a big fan of doing weight training (Crossfit, to be specific) with running as it increased my stamina about 100 fold. I'm also just getting started but learned so much in my 16 weeks of training. Feel free to ask me anything and I'll always try to help!!

  2. How exciting!! It's so scary to take the plunge and actually put it out there but you are going to do great! I have my first 1/2 in January and I never thought I'd be able to run more than 3-4 miles. Now I'm up to 8!! It's crazy but awesome at the same time!

    Good luck!! You will do great!

  3. Good for you girl! I never thought I was a runner but the more I run the longer I can go and more I like it. Keep us updated!

  4. YAY!! I'm here to help!! You can TOTALLY do this! I know you can. I agree with It Is Everlasting, doing weight training will really help--especially on hilly courses because you'll have really strong legs--and hello, how good will your legs look after this? Awesome!

    I'm so excited for you! You will do fantastic and I know you can do it.
    Start out in your training slowly and that makes it easier and less intimidating.

    I have an awesome half training plan that I can e-mail you if you want--it's what I used and my boss is using it to run/walk her first half in December.

    Let me know if you need anything--I'd love to be a virtual training buddy. It's a challenge, but, you'll be so proud of yourself when you finish--I cried after I finished! Not because I was in pain, but because "heck yes, I finished a half marathon!".

  5. YAY!!! I am so so so thrilled for you!!! I can understand your nervousness, ahem, "slightly terrifying new plan" as I was in the exact same boat as you were when I embarked on my very first half marathon last year!

    I completed my first November 2nd, and it was exhilarating to have finished and such a sense of personal accomplishment! I am most definitely in your cheering squad on this on and would love to share this journey you're embarking upon!

    Wishing you endurance, perserverance, and relentless determination!!!

    You're going to be AWESOME!

  6. hey girl! just tagged you for an award over at my place! = )

  7. Good for you! I just started training for one here in Roanoke VA. It's on November 21st! I'm training with a couple other friends which makes it easier. YOU CAN DO IT!

  8. You can do it! Fabulous goal. I'm so jealous. I have a bum knee now and can't run for more than a few min. Sigh. Run for me!

  9. Yay - how very exciting!! Can't wait to follow your progress -you're going to rock it!


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