Oct 9, 2009

Coming out of the Blogging Closet- HELP!!!!

So I have a teensy issue.  However, I need to deal with it before it gets to be a problem, which undoubtedly it will.

So , Shelley, as instigator of blog beginning, was initially the only one who knew of Spice and Sass.  However, other real life friends have stumbled across my little creative outlet, which is great!  Except for one problem.  Hubs does not know about blog.  Or imaginary internet friends. 

I didn't tell him at first, because I was embarrassed I suppose.  Now it's only a handful of real life friends who know, but that could grow.  How do I tell him before this gets out of control or he finds out from someone else?

As soon as he knows, I won't have to worry about  people finding the blog.  That will be nice.

So I am planning on casually dropping a mention of my blog while he is watching football on television.  He will be distracted and in "tune-out" mode, so hopefully he won't notice.  Thoughts?  Help!


  1. I was so nervous to tell Boyfriend about it. In fact, I didn't! My best friend mentioned it. I thought he would think it was strange, but now he's my blog's biggest fan. He's always reading it and suggesting new topics. I'm sure your hubs will be the same way!

  2. Hahahahha! This cracks me up!

    I would just casually mention it. I told my fiancee before I started and he was super nervous that I would be stalked. Now he tells people about it. I haven't told many in real life friends, but I don't mind if they find out.

  3. I had this same issue when I had my blog grace303. For some reason, I was embarrassed to tell my husband. But I like your plan. Let us know how it goes.

  4. First: I think I fall under the category of "imaginary internet friend" even though I am not, in fact, imaginary. ;) I found your blog while trying to track down the author of those Random Thoughts that were circulating on facebook, etc. a while back - the stuff about needing an "avoid ghetto" option on Google Maps and such. Of course, tons of people had posted them on their blogs but for whatever reason, yours was one of the first listed in the search results. When I saw the name of your blog, of course I had to investigate! And now, thanks the weird world of the internet, I read these little snippets of your life even though we've never met. Funny, isn't it?

    Second: Definitely tell your husband about your blog! It sounds like you kind of want him to be in on the secret... I bet he'll love that you have such a fun outlet for your creativity. :)

    Third: This comment is terribly long.


  5. I promise not to tell anyone! But I don't think [your husband] would care if he found out. It's not anything more revealing than facebook. Do you think it would take some of the fun out of it if you came out of the closet?

  6. Oh, the title has me in stitches!!! I know the feeling ... I was so embarrassed to tell family and friends. Kick that stage fright, you can do it! Xoxo-BLC

  7. I was outed by a complete stranger- to this day do not know who he was- in front of 50 friends at a wedding. A year and a half later I am still mortified. So tell him sooner rather than leter for your own sanity. Pull off the band-aid. Once ppl know, no one will care.

  8. I would just mention it in passing, it will be fine!


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