Oct 16, 2009

More Hate Mail

Yay!  It's Boss's Day!!  Overslept so no breakfast.  however, the kitchen is overflowing with delish treats from our staff!!  Hurrah!!

This eased the pain when I had yet another voicemail from the ex-client's crazy son in law.  He was in a bar, drunk.  Awesome. 

However, his threats now extend to one of our partners (who Crazy thinks is a different lawyer with the same last name).  This is a good thing.  Said partner has done several Ironmans, and keeps a gun safe in his office.  He sat and listened to Crazy's message which at one point stated "Tell Partner that if he has the balls to call me back, here's my number and my address. . ."   Ouch.  Insulting Partner's manhood did not go over well.  I think Partner's exact words were "If he comes up here, I'm going to kick his ass."  Eloquent, no?

After hearing a drunk Crazy say that he does not care to go to jail for violating a protective order, (which scares the bejesus out of me, ya'll) I'm all for a little ass kicking!

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  1. Yikes! Hope you can enjoy your weekend and leave the crazies behind, at least for a couple of days!


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