Oct 2, 2009


So last night at my seminar/networking extravaganza, I was distracted several times by these two "girls", one of which is in her early to mid twenties, and the other who is in her thirties.


Aaarrrrrgghhh.  Yesterday, some of our nation's top scientists were speaking to us, followed by senior people in Oak Ridge National Lab, TVA and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  People who deserve respect and attention (or at least feigned attention).  NOT texting and gum smacking.  I was so annoyed.  However, I restrained myself from going over to the main offender (the one in her 20's) with a napkin in my hand for her gum, while stealing her cell with my other hand.  Most of the people in this program are in their late 30's to early 50's.  It's an honor and a privilege to participate now, at the beginning of my career.

Don't get my wrong- I love to chomp gum.  However, I do it in the privacy of my car or home. 

Then don't even get me started on main offender's outfit.  Since the program starts in the afternoon, and we are visiting prominent corporations, the majority of us are wearing suits.  She was wearing a tight black dress which barely passed the fingertip test.  Paired with tall pleather boots which lace up.  She works in the county mayor's office for goodness sake (as does her gum-chomping co-hort).  Ugh.

And if you are going to text- please do it discreetly under the table.  Not completely involved in your texting without a pretense of the slightest attention being paid to the esteemed speaker.


  1. I would have lost it. I hate when women act like that. They could be geniuses and nobody would take them serious if they behave like that at an event.

  2. I had a friend in law school who was a constant gum popper. In class, in the library, even in court! She finally got reamed out by an attorney one day because the gum popping was so distracting.

    I doubt it taught her a lesson though!

  3. I know a few women who do this. They also slap and slurp when eating food. They are well educated and successful but...I can't get past the smacking.

  4. I cannot stand to hear people smacking and popping gum! That outfit sounds atrocious, too! I can't figure out whether to blame people for being immune to the social conventions of the universe or blame their families for not teaching them the right ways to behave!

  5. I remember interviewing a potential intern a couple of years ago who chewed gum DURING THE INTERVIEW. I was astonished at the complete lack of decorum or awareness on her part. Needless to say, she didn't get the job. I can't stand it, nor can I stand when people text during presentations - so rude. Have we reached the end of civility?

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  7. Eww! Gum + texting + too-tight clothing is a tacky trifecta!


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