Oct 14, 2009

I was mean to a Boy Scout

So ya'll know those times when you are really tired, make-up free, wearing a strange combo of sweats and flip flops, and can't (or do not desire to) form a sentence to save your life?

That was me Sunday night.  It was a very fun, but tiring weekend.  I didn't want to talk.  I wanted to eat a grilled cheese, tomato soup and watch Curb and Mad Men.  This, by the way, is what I want to do pretty much every Sunday night during football season. 

So Hubs and I walk into our small local grocery to get some cheese for me, and some junk for him.
Outside are very persistent Boy Scouts selling their popcorn.  Or requesting orders for popcorn which comes in a month or whatever.  I lied.  To the Boy Scouts.  I said that I bought some from people at work.  Due to the mental fog, and the fact that I was lying to Boy Scouts, I stumbled over this explanation.  Badly.  The Scouts were staring at me, and then proceeded to tell me that they accept donations as well.  Which go to the troops, or some other noble thing.  I was trying to get away, and didn't really listen.  Hence my response-

"Okay!  Thanks!"

In a slightly dismissive, bitchy tone.  Obviously, unintentional.  Also, my response makes zero sense.  I had no cash and wanted to get away.  Hubs luckily gave them a couple bucks, and restrained himself from laughing aloud at me.  He did tell me they said "Mister, your wife's a bitch!", which of course they did not.

Here's the thing- I don't like that stupid popcorn.  I don't like sweet popcorn, their regular is disgusting with trans-fat fake butter, and their light popcorn is blah. I always buy it, and have to get through ten thousand bags of popcorn I don't like in order to go to the grocery store and purchase yummy popcorn which I do in fact enjoy.

Get a unique product!  Girl Scouts sell a unique type of cookie, which cannot be replicated.*  They sell outside a grocery store because those customers are obviously interested in purchasing food stuffs.  However, you cannot purchase their product in the grocery store.  Stupid Boy Scout popcorn can in fact be purchased in a superior form in the grocery store.  It tastes better and costs less.  This means I can't buy popcorn til the Boy Scout popcorn sale is done, and they abandon their grocery store ambush technique.
Unique product- then I'll buy, kiddos.

*I was indeed a Girl Scout and I sold mad amounts of cookies, yo.


  1. hahhah i always feel bad when i snap at the poor things- but i can't help it. and YO- I was a girl scout for ONE. DAY. and quit.


  2. This is so funny and I'm sure is how so many of us feel. They really should find something else to sell, but regardless, it's so awkward trying to get by them when you don't want to buy anything and (like me) hardly ever carry any cash with you. I feel bad, but at the same time kind of bombarded.

  3. hhahahahhahaha this story had me laughing out loud :) You are gorgeous girlfriend!

  4. "mister, your wife's a bitch" LOL LOL thanks - I needed that! hehe And I agree - girl scout's cookies CAN'T be replicated. Now i want thin mints...


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