Oct 13, 2009

More Weekend and Crucial Hair Question

Hanging at the bar post game.

Our fab guests for the weekend, Hubs and I post-sushi, in the midst of massive Ice Pick consumption.  Check out my blown out super straight do.

Last weekend, pre-game sporting my hair curly.  Which looks better?

I am trying to decide if I want a blow out for this weekend's wedding festivities (party Friday night, wedding Saturday and hosting a baby shower Sunday).  I am blessed/cursed with hair that takes 1.5 hours to blowdry, but only needs to be washed a couple times a week (if I don't exercise, obviously). So to get a Friday evening blowout or not?


  1. I think I like it curly just a little bit more than straight...go curly!

  2. I'm also lovin the curly on you.

  3. I think it looks great both ways, but my fav is the Big-Knoxville curly hair!

  4. You look great either way, but I am really loving the curly look. I could never in a million years get my hair to look like that and am so jealous. I think it looks so good on you!

  5. Ohh, it's so pretty curly--but, sometimes there's nothing like a good blow out. Whatever makes you feel the best is what I would go with!


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