Oct 21, 2009

Shower (Also, am I the only girl who hates 'em?)

I have to be honest with ya'll.  I despise showers.  Really, they give me the nerve so bad.  I had a surprise lingerie shower at a bar in New Orleans on my bach, and a couples tool shower which was more of a casual engagement party, because I refused to have more.  Because I don't like them.

Now that my rant is out of the way, here's pics from the lovely baby shower we threw this weekend for my friend, ALE who is expecting a baby in December.  One of the other hostesses, Veaz, has a shower in 2 weeks, and is also expecting in December.  It's contagious I suppose.  Maybe I should start wearing a mask.

Here's the delish spread.

I am so impressed with LAM's arrangements- I need to take my Mama's advice and take a flower arranging class.

We had 2 dessert stands of large yummy petit fors.  Tip of the day- if you live near an university, please check with their bakery for good deals- we had 40 of these for $26!!!!

Jules, MC, and MC's mom, CM.  MC is ready to have some boyfriends when these December babies are born.

Peg, my workout buddy, and myself.  Do you notice how I look like a deer in headlights?  Thank goodness for adrenaline.

MOH and me.  She was feeling my pain herself.  However, as she was just hungover, and not a hostess, she left early.  I'm not jealous or bitter at all.

The beautiful mama to be, ALE, opening gifts.

ALE and Veaz with their big ole bellies.  Folks, I am not ready for this quite yet.

The shower was a great time though, even for a very serious shower-hater.  It was beautiful, and everyone loved the scones!  If anyone wants the recipe, let me know!


  1. The flowers looked great!

    So did the desserts!

    Your friends look amazing preggo, but that's not something I'm ready for either!

  2. That looks so wonderful! I hate showers and weddings too so you aren't the only one!

  3. Love the flowers. I totally know what you mean about it catching- at one point this summer I had five pregnant friends.

  4. For someone who doesn't like showers, you did a fabulous job with the spread! Fabulous flowers! I only like showers that don't have games - just go straight to the bubbly, food and gifts. There ya go.

  5. That was a gorgeous shower! I would love the scone recipe! Will you post it or email it to me? I have a bunch of (dreaded)showers coming up and need all the help I can get! No games and I can get through a shower. Games= awkward.

  6. That looks like a gorgeous affair. The flowers are killer!

  7. You're not the only one! They were gorgeously decorated and the flowers are stunning I must say!

    I have nominated you for a blog award! Yay! When you get a mo, stop by and pick it up! :)

  8. Those hydrangeas are so beautiful (and some of my favorite flowers). Flower arranging would probably be a really fun class.

    I kind of agree about showers. I mean, I don't mind watching someone open gifts and have cake or whatever, but please no awkward games!

  9. I do not like showers at all! People are invited to parties to bring gifts and then spend the whole time watching a person open those gifts while everyone else talks about that person. When I had my bridal shower I was so nervous. I felt sick to my stomach the whole time.


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