Oct 27, 2009

My So-Called Life Flashback

I was perusing some catalogs this weekend (part of my rest and rejuvenation), and noticed something that placed me right back in 1994-1995.  For example- Urban Outfitters.

Plaid.  Lots of it.  Now when I was 14-15ish and sporting a rocking little bod that I will kill for now, I refused to wear clothes that fit me (as did all my friends), and was in a decidedly Angela Chase-ish phase.  Baggy jeans, plaid shirts, and a hippie/grunge look falling off my less than 100 pound slender frame.  Quelle Horreur!

But I was Angela Chase- as were we all, no?  The older guy that occupied your every thought, changing friendships, insecurities, parental issues.  Such a good show.  However, the clothes. . .need to remain in 1994-1995.  For the love of Buffalo Tom.

The floral rayon dresses (preferably paired with a chunky doc marten boot), has Sharon written all over it.

And then the plaid- I believe the first is from Forever 21, and the lovely vest is Urban Outfitters. 

Yeah- looking good girl- check out that grunge era layering.  I know, it's difficult to remove your eyes from the god propped up against the locker- we're focusing on fashion here ladies!

Rayanne would have sported this over her hippie flowy garb, for a little punk look.  Maybe she borrowed it from Tino.

I had to include this little Forever 21 number- Brenda Walsh meet Angela Chase.  Shudder.

Now, lest you think it's just the trendy teen oriented clothing stores which are jumping on the mid nineties band wagon, I present to you J. Crew, that bastion of all that is preppiness.

Yeah- Rayanne Graff definitely wore that exact outfit.

But then there is this.  From Forever 21.

Which makes me think of this. . .

Hello Jordan Catalano. 

You know a guy is hot when the fact that he can't read makes him more attractive.

Angela, we feel your pain.

I would have failed geometry too.


  1. My So-Called Life = My Angsty Heaven! There were no bounds to how much I adored that show. Your Jordan illiterate quip... YES! It's all so predictably embarrassing now (the smart introverted girl, the misfit boy who's a complete manipulator, etc.), but I can vividly recall the absolute thrill of finding a show that GOT IT. And then of course it was canceled, which I should've taken as a sign of what awaited us in abysmal tv land. Your fashion recap here is bringing it all back... I wonder if I have any vintage plaid lying around?

  2. Oh I love it. Love it all. I remember just being so entranced by My So-Called Life... I felt like Jordan had to be out there waiting for me. Sigh, sadly he didn't exist in my high school... Thanks for the memories!

  3. love it!! I just took a time trip back to high school! I had wayyyyy too many plaid shirts! {haha} hope your having a great week so far! = )

  4. Love love this post!! I just re-watched the My So-Called Life DVDs a few weeks ago. Jordan Catalano...swoon!! But you're definitely right, that fashion should stay in 1994-1995. No good can come from it returning.

  5. omg i adore this post! i had a slumber party themed birthday last year and we watched the entire my so-called life series! your blog totally made my morning.

  6. My So-Called Life might be my favorite television show of all time. I cried when it was cancelled and remember making my GRANDPARENTS tape the marathon on MTV while my family was vacationing in Florida (at Disney World, no less)! I kept those old VHS tapes for AGES until my 23rd birthday when they came out with a DVD collection = one of my most prized possessions!

  7. Haha, so true. I am just waiting for the return of the bodysuit with matching scrunchie combo (with baggy overalls of course!) Gag. I see all the flannel out these days and having lived through the grunge era the first time--in the Pacific NW no less!--I can finally understand why my mom has always had such an aversion to late 60s fashion whenever it seems to come back in style.

  8. This definitely took me back! I loved seeing all the My So-Called Life pictures. I agree, though, the days of me wearing oversized plaid flannel or those little babydoll dresses are over. I do not want to see anyone my age (well anyone any age, really) wearing anything remotely like what some of these retailers are selling.

  9. MYSCL--what a throwback. Love it.

  10. O.M.G. I'm in love with this post. And two words: Jordan. Catalano. I was SO addicted to this show - I still watch them. I would have failed geometry too. I still remember the day the canceled it - I kid you not! I've noticed too - plaid EVERYWHERE, total grunge fest! The best is the Forever 21 dresses with black short sleeve tops attached to plaid skirts. hehe. Loved the references to Tino and Ricky - TOO much!

  11. For the love of Buffalo Tom...OMG I freaking loved Buffalo Tom...

    I was in high school when it came out and fell madly in love with it..then remember watching it in reruns on what - MTV maybe..loved it. It was perfection...

  12. Loved this post! Totally took me back. Funny thing is, I've been thinking the exact same thing!

    My 12-year-old is begging me for a plaid button up. She actually found one of my old ones in my closet and rocked it the other night. :D


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