Oct 6, 2009

Betty Draper Style

Loving the La Dolce Vita look on Betty- her whole European charm was fascinating.  I could sport the bouffant, smoky eye and jewelry my next black tie event.
As evidenced by my rehearsal dinner do, I love a good bouffant.  After all, the higher the hair, the closer to heaven!


  1. HA! I think you might've just discovered your alter ego... ;-)

  2. You know, I've never watched an entire episode of "Mad Men," and I need to, b/c it seems like a show I would very much like. I can never seem to track down the time it airs, or it must air when one of my other shows is on. I must use the DVR!

  3. How cool! I don't think my hair would ever do that. Both you and Betty look fabulous.

  4. Yes, can I just have every little thing that Betty Draper is wearing! I would love to wear my hair like that. I love your bouffant at your rehearsal dinner! It looks great! I pull my hair back like that from time to time. The last time, my stylist saw it and gave me a funny look, but lucky for him, kept his mouth shut - because I love it!


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