Oct 5, 2009

Fall, Gourmet Magazine, and general grumpiness

There is a chill in the air, I'm eating oatmeal in the mornings, and lusting after cozy cowl-necks.  I sported jeans, said cowl-neck, and boots Friday night.  It felt good- even though it feels early this year, I am ready for fall.

However, I am not ready to give up my summer produce.  Winter tomatoes just make me want to cry.  I am trying to consume as much okra as humanly possible before it disappears.  My new fave is "okra fries"- roasted okra with a touch of kosher salt.  Yum- they taste just like fried okra, except they are good for you!  Just heat up your oven to 400-415 degrees.  Spray a cookie sheet with some Pam, throw your okra on there in a single layer, spray again with cooking spray, sprinkle some salt on top, and wait patiently for about 30-odd minutes.  Start checking them at 20 minutes or so, because everyone likes a different degree of crunchiness. 

It is also starting to feel like real football season- clear mornings without a cloud in the sky.  The day was gorgeous, but neither of my teams prevailed.  It was a sad day for the SEC East, and for me.  However, my outfit for the game was cute!  Only took one pic, as I was extremely occupied cheering on the Dawgs in their nail-biter against LSU.  My dress is a wrap dress, paired with slouchy brown suede boots.  I am also sporting the earrings which Gracie Beth gave me in the football swap- match my dress perfectly!

To compound my sadness over the football losses, the Tennessee Georgia game time was announced.  12:21.  That is practically morning.  How are we going to tailgate!

Then even more bad news this morning- Gourmet is being shut down.  Why doesn't Conde Nast just trim Anna Wintour's fur budget instead?   I mean, really- Domino then this!  I can't take it.

So to counteract my doom and gloom, I think I need a pumpkin spice latte.  (Friday, after visiting a meth lab inadvertently, I had to buy a cashmere sweater- at least I am economizing today with my buying things to buoy my mood).

So what fun happy things are happening?  Get me out of this doom and gloom!


  1. I'm enjoying football season too. I haven't made it to a game yet but can't wait to!

  2. I am beside myself about Gourmet, as you know. I mean really, who is making these decisions?!

  3. So sad about Gourmet and Modern Bride (won't be around for me when I get married)!

    I also hate that there will be no more good tomatoes!

    Okay, I know I'm not helping to cheer you up - but we do have the fab holidays to look forward to: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's! All will be here before we know it!

  4. I hadn't heard about Gourmet. At least Bon Appetit is still kickin'. : )

  5. I have been enjoying your blog for a while- can't remember exactly how I came across it- but wanted to tell you how nice it was to read that you were a fan of Gourmet magazine. I used to work there in the advertising sales group and still cannot believe, even two weeks later, why Conde Nast would close Gourmet. Very sad!


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